CCR 128: Lonely Truth Warrior w/ James Perloff

TRUTH IS A LONELY WARRIOR! We live in an age where psychological manipulation is rampant. We are bombarded with lies in the mainstream media everyday, causing people all across the country at large to believe in ideas which are not only contradictory to reality, but to basic logic. By appealing to emotions in moments of tragedy, we’ve even seen children rolled out to be used as political fodder, peddling propaganda they hardly understand. In such times as these, standing for what’s TRUE becomes more and more difficult as the size of the proverbial bullhorn of the controlled media becomes evermore openly accusatory, bearing false witness towards anyone who exposes their lies. For many of us on this journey to walk the narrow path of truth can feel a bit lonely a times. But there is always hope and fellowship in the Gospel Message of Jesus Christ. Despite the fact that our world is stricken with not only the sin in the human heart, but of the physical decay of the universe itself, we can be sure that when we seek truth, it WILL set us free! 

To help us deconstruct the lies of the world of propaganda machine, we are joined by author James Perloff. James is an author, speaker, scriptwriter, who has written two books about the best evidence against Darwin’s theory of evolution, as well as a book titled The Shadows of Power, an expose of the CFR, which has sold over 100k copies. His most recently published book Truth Is A Lonely Warrior, is a comprehensive look at the satanic drive for world government. In this discussion, we go over some different angles to the common story lines from WW2, from Pearl Harbor, to the dropping of the atomic bombs over Hiroshima and Nagasaki. 

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  1. david

    Mr. Perloff’s comments regarding Japan’s being coerced into WWII is completely unbelievable. The Japanese record of conquest and atrocity is documented and undeniable. Nanking, the Phillipines, Manchuria, Unit 731, name only a few. I am awake on on-board with false flags and what they mean, but this just not pass the smell test. cheers.

  2. Connie Long

    Thanks for this program. In 1998 I started reading on NWO etc. Perloff’s book on CFR was one of my primers.

  3. G.T.

    Thanks for interviewing James: he’s just about the most clued-up truther out there. And a very good-natured sort, too.

    As for the commenter “david” who said that he doesn’t believe Japan was coerced into bombing Pearl Harbor, he should check out James’s in-depth interviews about the event, or read his excellent article Pearl Harbor: Roosevelt’s 9/11.

    I look forward to hearing James interviewed on the show again. Well done, guys.

  4. Angela

    Not sure why this guy thinks Israelite special ops did 9/11. Maybe do a show on that. If you want a truthful book on what they used on the buildings read Judy Wood ‘s book “Where did the towers go?” She explains how the buildings came down as powder. They disinegrated as they came down. She’s on YouTube. Judy Wood.

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