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FLYBY: What is BiblePay?

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FLYBY: What is BiblePay?


Advancement in technology have radically changed our world. An area that is yet to see the true transformation in the digital era, is economics. With the 4th industrial revolution in full swing, the technology to give individuals the power to own, send, and receive rare and limited digital assets is now possible using cryptocurrencies. Thanks to the power of encryption and consensus network algorithms, we are now capable of creating massive ecosystems of data that require unique human memory to access, such as a private key. The ledger can be used for financial transactions, like Bitcoin and Litecoin, or to store packets of code called “Smart Contracts” like Ethereum, Cardano and EOS. What’s interesting about this new tech, is that the concepts and suggested economic infrastructure sounds eerily similar to one described in the thirteenth chapter of the Book of Revelation. But even as we march towards these inevitable fulfillments of prophecy, how ought the church respond to the emergence of cryptocurrencies and its capabilities? Enter BiblePay! A cryptocurrency with compassion and conscience! It’s project like these that can help lead the way for Christians to take advantage of this tech, to serve the lost and needy, and spread the Gospel around the world! 



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