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*A Quick Message from Basil and Gonz*

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*A Quick Message from Basil and Gonz*


HEY CANARIANS! Basil and Gonz here and we wanted to take the chance to let you know about what we’ve been up to. We started Canary Cry Radio back in 2012, mainly, because we had to. We felt a calling, and urge, an undeniable impulse to explore the edges of what is known and what is, and isn’t talked about in church circles. These are topics that mainly surround biblical prophecy, but include everything from the the occult, secret societies, ufos, the technocracy, nefarious conspiracies, giant robots and all the other weird questions that seemed to have no answer. For six years we’ve devoted thousands of hours exploring these ideas, interviewing experts, and breaking down world events to try and make sense of them in context to our faith. What’s more, is we’ve tried our hardest to do so in a way that doesn’t detract from the main focus, Jesus Christ, His message, and His purposes for coming to earth. To answer this calling, we’ve produced to the best of our ability, nearly 600 hours of free content; that’s 25 straight days of Basil and Gonz if you binge everything we’ve published on the internet without sleeping! 

Throughout the years we have had some extremely generous supporters, who have been a saving grace for us to continue doing what we do. That being said, since we started the podcast, financial support has never reached or risen above 1% of listeners. That is a 1% that we are eternally grateful for! You guys rock!

To the 99%, you guys also rock! You’re willingness to listen, watch, and share the content we produce as well as all the words of encouragement, prayers, and moral support you’ve shown us is a huge factor in keeping us going. If you didn’t like it, we probably wouldn’t still be making it. We know that supporting our work may not be financially feasible for some people. That’s why Canary Cry Radio will ALWAYS BE FREE. In fact, not only is Canary Cry Radio free, but its AD FREE! Which is pretty impressive in this economy. Now you may be thinking, “Well of course Canary Cry Radio is ad free, what kind of lunatic company would buy ad space on such a crazy podcast?!” Well, we recently received a request for ad space from a pretty influential Christian Hollywood insider, and we had a hard decision to make.

Well actually it wasn’t that hard….

Years ago we promised to keep Canary Cry Radio free AND AD FRE, so of course we couldn’t take the deal. It’s a core belief of ours to be unhindered by the worries of keeping advertisers happy, and becoming dependent on the traditional economic structure of this world. But it was pretty nice to hear that someone as big as that thought we were worth advertising on. That’s where you 99% come in. Maybe you’ve never supported CCR, maybe you supported us in the past, but your financial situation changed. That’s ok, we don’t want ANYONE to feel like they need to give anything they can’t afford. In fact, if supporting Canary Cry Radio financially is a burden in ANY WAY, Please do not do it! But, if you’ve been listening for years, months, or even if this is the first thing you’ve ever heard from us, and you feel you’ve been educated, edified, blessed, informed, or just plain entertained by our work, please consider supporting Canary Cry Radio with the most comfortable pledge you can.

We have created a fundraising account at, where we have set up some awesome reward levels for potential supporters. Every tier is dedicated to a passage from the Bible. 

Our biggest goal is not a dollar amount. What we want is to see if it’s even possible to raise the listener to supporter ratio. Can we hit 1% can we hit 2%? CAN WE HIT 10%? And remember each of these tiers have pretty cool rewards, but we also have big plans for the future; plans that we can’t make happen without the financial support of our listeners. Books, investigative documentaries, graphic novels, new podcasts,  live broadcasting, television broadcasting, narrative television shows like “Oops I married a Nephilim!”, live show tours to bring the Canary Cry Radio experience to your city! We know these ideas seem big, but nothing is impossible with the love of our God and the support of the Canarians! So again, if you feel led, if you feel financially comfortable, pledging even $1 a month to help support the work we’ve been called to, go, right now, to

Thanks for your time, and remember to always…THINK OUTSIDE THE CAGE!


Your Favorite Fringe Christian Podcasters,

Basil and Gonz


P.S. When we hit 100 Patrons, we will record and publish a Basil and Gonz topical episode on ****! Seriously, we’re pumped about this, and we know you will be too!