CCR 129: Quantum Divination w/ Anthony Patch

ARE QUANTUM COMPUTERS GOING TO BE MODERN DIVINATION MACHINES? In the days that Jesus walked the earth, sorcery and divination were very common spiritual practices. Demonic forces led by the spirit of antichrist were met with people eager to harness their powers. But as the uniquely begotten Son of God, Jesus was able to put these spiritual abominations in check, and overpower them with the resurrection, and the coming of the Holy Spirit.

Since the days of Pentecost, the spreading of the Gospel message of Jesus Christ for the salvation of souls has been the main focus and mission for the church. In the Olivet discourse, Jesus prophesied, “And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come…” (Mt. 24:14). For two millennia, the church has been on the front lines, fulfilling this great commission.

But as we march further into the 21st century, it appears that not only are the technologies that can truly fulfill Matthew 24:14 now available, but that same tech is what might fulfill the mark/image prophecy mentioned in the Book of Revelation.

The rapid rise of computers, AI, nanotech, biotech, smart-everything tech, blockchain, and countless other fields of science, have essentially promised the very things God promised us. These include health and wellness to the point of eternal life (or at least the ability to live for as long as you choose), living in a paradise or edenic world (virtual worlds only limited by your imagination), and the promise of divinity (apotheosis). But something very profound is happening on the cutting edges of science, especially in the realm of quantum computing, that gives away the reality of the situation.

For example, the circuitry being configured for one quantum computing project, are using a pattern that is precisely the same as the ancient practice of geomancy. Interestingly, it appears Jesus may have even had knowledge of the practice, using it against the sorcerers of the time in a story in the New Testament that you’re probably familiar with. While such concepts might sound ridiculous at first, it certainly has explanatory power to help us understand not only weird places in Scripture, but what’s happening in our world today. In fact, it seems to tie directly into the insanity that has come by way of social media platforms, our rapidly forming digital economy, and the highly divisive culture.

In this episode, we explore these ideas and much more with our returning guest, Anthony Patch!

Anthony Patch is a researcher, reporter, and author. He approaches difficult topics with a fine tooth comb and renders his findings through rational, open-minded, and informed analysis of the evidence. You can find all of Anthony’s work if you visit his website! 


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  1. Ariel Adams

    Dearest Gonz and Basil,
    Jesus and the prophets all used witchcraft in their ministries. It was widely known in their eras.They used it to reach and teach the multitudes. That’s the same as saying Daniel and Jesus both used geomancy. Aside from those 2 examples Mr. Patch used, which is uncorroborated elsewhere in the Bible and the text does not say what he wrote. Mr. Patch is making it up. The Bible gives no hint of that anywhere. Two ancient paintings–? If Jesus was using the Pharisees’ secret language, wouldn’t that have made them want to follow Him rather than kill him? It is easy to become enamored of Mr. Patch due to his excellent tech knowledge. Please be careful guys. I love you both very much. Ariel in Phoenix.

    1. John206

      Re: If Jesus was using the Pharisees’ secret language, wouldn’t that have made them want to follow Him rather than kill him?

      No, I don’t believe they would have turned to Jesus. They conspired against Him from the beginning; Jesus was fueling their hatred for Him. Of course, we can’t say what Jesus drew but how many realize what Jesus did in Gadara – reclaiming the region from the god Milcon by raising Jarius’ daughter? There’s so much to learn about Jesus’ days in context of the Ugaric. Enjoying these intriguing studies.

    2. Rick Bonner

      There’s an interesting passage in the Bible, BEFORE the rules were written forbidding, explicitly, interaction with non-you-man ‘persons’…. You’ll remember it right away:
      Joseph’s diviner’s cup, stashed in his brother’s stuff before they headed home to their Dad’s place.

    3. Rick Bonner

      Joseph, when he’d prospered down in Egypt-lan’, stashed his ‘diviner’s’ cup in his brother’s stuff before they headed back to Dad’s place.

      This was before the explicit rule to have nothing whatsoever to do with inviting non-you-man persons into ‘conversation’.

  2. David C

    I’m sorry guys, but I just can’t listen to Anthony Patch anymore. I have shut off this podcast about 15 minutes in, because I’m tired of all the speculation about “what they could do” with all this technology. We are quite aware of what can be done with it. But Anthony continues to convince me that his ministry/business is just about speculation, not real information. He abuses scientific-technology terms like an art form to scare people that the world is ending. This fear-mongering is what keeps Christians from FIGHTING BACK by BEING STRONG IN THEIR FAITH. Instead they are crippled with the fear of the impending doom… that never seems to come.

    Don’t you think that if Anthony was right about CERN that we would already be fighting all the demons that they are allegedly bringing through the portal? Shiva should have come through and destroyed us all by now.

    Sorry, I just can’t buy this stuff anymore. And AI is just the next scare tactic. Christians should shirk all this fear and go SERVE GOD.

  3. Nathan

    Very good job guys .

    Bit of a block chain downer …but wow …

    So glad I found your site . Good job guys

  4. Sharon Wood

    In regards to what was written on the ground, start by reading Jeremiah 17:13….”those who turn away from You will be written in the dust”. They will be put to shame because they have forsaken the Lord.

    Jesus was sinless and did not have to play the devil’s game and dabble in geomancy to complete His ministry…writing the names in the sand, of those who had sin and wanted to cast a stone there by exposing them, would suffice.
    Those who cast lots were flawed people not the perfect, Holy God.
    Proof in paintings? I’m with Ariel on this one…Please be careful guys and re-think (all three of you).

  5. Sharon Wood

    As a side note to my previous comment- Those who cast lots were flawed men without the aid of the Holy Spirit.
    Jesus had the help of the Spirit. He did not use divination. To others, the Holy Spirit, as a Helper, was given after His Resurrection.

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