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CCR 130: Fringe Pop w/ Greg Outlaw

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CCR 130: Fringe Pop w/ Greg Outlaw

ARE YOU AN OUTLAW LIVING IN THE FRINGE POP ?! While the world continues to be deceived into what the spiritual, financial, and political elite are being guided to build, many people are beginning to wake up and detach themselves from such central control mechanisms. The process usually brings an individual to what can loosely be called The Fringe (not the TV show…although they pretty much cover all the relevant topics). The knowledge presented in the fringe frequently causes one to experience various stages of un-learning and re-learning that result in worldview paradigms to both be shattered and reconstructed many times over. It can be highly frustrating to discover all of the lies we’ve been told, but it can be equally edifying if you come to a deeper understanding of why such deception exists in the first place. There are many ministries, organizations, blogs, vlogs, podcasts, YouTube channels, authors and researchers, who under the heading of “truth seeker” provide a window into the fringe. But even within this relatively small community of fringe truth seekers exist many opposing views on pretty much any given topic.

Here at Canary Cry Radio, we have ALWAYS been about telling you the Truth that is found in the Gospel message of Jesus Christ, because that is the ONLY TRUTH that will set you free!

As more people begin to unmask the lies that have been so invasive throughout modern society, a shift will inevitably occur. The ideas and info that are currently only found in the fringes, will slowly emerge to become “popular” culture. But referring back to the “many opposing views on any given topic,” conflicting ideas within the fringes are competing for that pop position, which will largely be shaped by what information people discover while on the internet.

As Bible believing Christians, we have a unique advantage in the quest for truth because of the Word that has been preserved. What many of us have discovered in our quest thus far, is that God was pretty straight forward in informing us how the world will look, as time approached His return. As a result, a generation of watchmen have emerged to preach the Gospel in this unique time and place in history, equipped with the knowledge of wielding so called “inventions” like the Internet, which have clearly transformed our world.

Fringe Pop 321! Learn how to think well about all things fringe. The truth is in here!

One of those watchmen, is Greg Outlaw! In this episode, we chat with Greg as he tells us about hanging out with the LSD crowd in the early 90’s, living through the Dot Com Bubble, and all of the amazing miracle’s in his own life after coming back to the Lord! Greg is the man behind which is probably the most successful Christian SEO website ever! And now he embarks on a new project,, where he has teamed up with our friend and multi-time past guest of CCR, Dr. Mike Heiser, to bring a resource that is specifically tailored for those investigating fringe subjects. As a sort of “Wiki for the fringe from a grounded Biblical perspective,” FringePop321 will employ the same SEO tactics that made so successful. By attempting to ride the waves of change in the world of SEO and search engine drama, the hope is that people searching for related topics will discover both the truth, and the TRUTH! Check out FringePop321 on YouTube!

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