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CCR 131: Silver Guru w/ David Morgan

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CCR 131: Silver Guru w/ David Morgan

SILVER! GOLD! BITCOIN! FIAT! MONEY! It makes the world go around. The Bible teaches that the LOVE of money is the root of all kinds of evil, not money itself (1 Tim 6:10, Matt. 21:12). But what exactly is money?

In the Bible, some of the earliest forms of money was by way of precious metals. In fact, it only takes forty-two verses into the Word of God before you run into the first mention of gold (Gen. 2:11). Just a few chapters later, Abram is described as being a wealthy man, rich in livestock, gold, and even silver (Gen 13:2)!¬†Later, the Bible records of Gadites offering a silver plate and bowl for trade (Num. 7:43). It’s fascinating to ponder that God, the Creator of the universe, included precious metals like gold and silver as part of creation, to be material goods that will always maintain value.

But the world has changed. Today, we are not encouraged to store or accumulate actual goods of value like gold and silver, but rather, digital units of debt beholden to banks. While these digital bits have and do provide actual purchasing power in the real world, it is not as secure or safe as tangible goods. And in the case of some sort of economic crisis or digital meltdown, precious metals will remain as a constant store of value and exchange.

To help us better understand these issues, we invited the Silver Guru, David Morgan of The Morgan Report. David is a precious metals analyst who has appeared on CNBC, Fox Business, with interviews on The Wall Street Journal, Futures Magazine, and others. He is the author of ‘Get the Skinny on Silver Investing‘,¬† ‘The Silver Manifesto‘ and most recently, ‘Second Chance’. The Silver Guru is also the editor of