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CCR 132: Camp of the Unknown God! w/ Carl Teichrib

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CCR 132: Camp of the Unknown God! w/ Carl Teichrib

BURNING MAN! We’ve been told it’s the place where pagans come to worship demons in the desert in their birthday suits and psychedelics, right? Actually, that’s only partially true. This so called “transformative event,” is much more than a glorified Woodstock. Rather, the tens/hundreds of thousands who gather each year come seeking an experience; some simply for a good time and unwind from the mundane nine-to-five, others for the ultimate spiritual experience to connect with transcendent and metaphysical parts of reality.

They hired him how?

Tech moguls who are fond of Burning Man have expressed the event as a place where people gather to manifest something they call “group flow,” or what we would call “hive mind behavior.” In fact, Google even used Burning Man as a test to hire their former CEO, Eric Schmidt. The litmus test was in his ability to merge or to hinder “group flow”!

But apart from their behavior, the question ought to be “What worldview(s) are actually being presented and taught at Burning Man?” And the answer, is prophetic!

It’s All About Worldview

Every computer needs an Operating System as a foundation to carry out all the functions that these magical machines bring to our fingertips. The same could be said about human society, where worldview is the primary foundation, by which our civilization draws its functional capacities (to form organization, institutions, governments, and other communal establishments for the common good). And similar to the variety of options in the marketplace of Operating Systems like Linux, MacOS, iOS & Windows, in our contemporary western civilization, we have a buffet of option to choose how to view the world. While the freedom to explore the options without being killed by controlling authorities is a positive product of westernization (or so it appears), a lack of critical thinking and grounded reasoning when examining them have given way to some pretty confusing times. What is emerging from this worldview vacuum is a “new spirituality” with an ingredient that we’ve been tracking here on Canary Cry Radio for years: Technology. This cultural move towards techno-spiritualism is all the more apparent with the theme for this years (2018) Burning Man, I, Robot. Most importantly, this march towards a unifying monistic techno-spiritualism and its outcome are best outlined in the pages of the Bible, where prophetic vision becomes a scientific reality. 

Welcome Back Carl!

To discuss these issues and more we’re pumped to have Carl Teicheib back! He’s the author of GAME OF GODS! The Temple of Man in the Age of Re-enchantment. Carl joined us on CCR 032 (Oct. 8 2012), and again discussing Transformative Events on CCR 078, (Nov 1, 2014)! 

Support Carl!

Just as Paul found himself preaching the Gospel in a purely pagan society, Carl Teichrib has been attending the Burning Man events on an annual basis for research and evangelism. Taken straight out of Acts 17, Carl’s tent at Burning Man reads “Camp of the Unknown God.” There are few who have even attempted to evangelize at a place like Burning Man, but equipped with the knowledge, experience, and research into everything from plans for a world government alongside the cultural explosion of neo-paganism, Carl Teichrib is setting the example on evangelism for our generation. Please Help Support Carl and his team! (