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CCR 133: Aethereal – The Truth is Stranger Than Fiction

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CCR 133: Aethereal – The Truth is Stranger Than Fiction

ARE WE LIVING IN THE MOST DECEPTIVE TIME SINCE THE DAYS OF NOAH? For thousands of years, humans have recorded (apart from mythology) a fairly mundane existence, at least according to histories victors. But coming into the 20th century, things began to change. For nearly 300 years before Max Planck changed the meaning of the word into a field of “science”, the word quantum simply meant “one’s share or portion.” Think of the word, quantity. But mention the word QUANTUM today, and you’ll find everything from astrophysicists to the most woo woo new ager, talking about how the understanding of quantum theory and its subsequent technologies, will change the world for the better. The advocates of quantum theory claim it will unlock the so called “theory of everything” that will eventually lead to what some quantum theorists are calling the Transcension Hypothesis (discussed by Dr. hugo De Garis on this podcast episode 67). This hypothesis is nothing more than what the new agers call, Ascension, what transhumanists call Human 2.0, and what the mystery schools call, Apotheosis. The same lie that caused the fall of mankind is STILL being deployed for the purposes of deceiving souls today. The deception today is so palpable, that it seems to inform us on everything from WHERE we are to WHO we are! To help us explore, and ultimately ground these issues in the Gospel message of Jesus Christ, our guest today is a fellow YouTuber who runs The Truth is Stranger than Fiction Channel, and the producer of the film AETHEREAL – The Battle for Heaven and Earth (Biblical Cosmology Documentary). 

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