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CCR 135: Battleborn w/ Ryan Bundy, Part 1

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CCR 135: Battleborn w/ Ryan Bundy, Part 1
Canary Cry Radio 135: Battleborn with Ryan Bundy, Part 1

WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO BE AN AMERICAN? It’s a basic question that has endless potential answers. But if we get to the root of it, what brought the union of multiple sovereign states together, was the fundamental agreement outlined by the Constitution & Bill of Rights. These documents gave certain rights and freedoms to the citizens, sparking the flourishing of civilization with the appearance of being unshackled by the selfish desires of royal monarchs. Parameters were put in place by those who implemented these documents, to prevent abuse of authoritative power that comes with fellow citizens serving the country in roles of governance.

But despite these seemingly positive advancements in social infrastructure, the predictable “quest for power” by certain shadowy individuals continued on. As fallen humanity tends to do no matter what era of tools are available to him, there truly is “nothing new under the sun.”

In the 20th century, advancements in technology affected social infrastructure and industry at a steady and rapid pace. Radio and TV brought the ability to present controlled information to mass populations all at once. Motor vehicles, flying vehicles, the development of powerful destructive weapons, and most of all, computers, all directly impacted the world decade after decade. But the fundamentals never changed. People still needed access to clean food and water in order to survive. And in America, the rights of the citizens, especially those who help provide the food (farmers & ranchers) had not changed.  But as the tentacles of the scientific dictatorship made its way deeper into the ivory towers of political oversight, a clash with “we the people” was inevitable.


Nevada is considered the “Battleborn State” because it was admitted to the union during the Civil War in 1864. The name is appropriate for the setting of a compelling and important story that everyone in the world, especially American citizens needs to hear.

In the spring of 2014, the world began seeing reports about a standoff taking place at the Bundy Ranch in Nevada between the Bundy family, and the BLM (Bureau of Land Management). The conflict that had been ongoing for over two decades suddenly became violent and deadly. 

What the public at large received was the fabricated narrative through mainstream media, that the Bundy family were “extremists” of the worst kind, directly breaking the law and opposing police authorities. Documentaries of the conflict have also expressed the sympathies of the neighboring citizens who disagreed with the Bundy tactics. A Wikipedia survey on the topic suggests information that directly contradicts claims by our guest. But as with anything that’s worth fighting for, there are always two sides to the story.

In the following two episodes, you will hear the testimony of Ryan Bundy, brother of Ammon Bundy, and son of Cliven Bundy. Along the way, you will learn details about the rights and freedoms possessed by all Americans.

While the ideas shared by Ryan might challenge some socially preconceived notions about what it means to be an American, it would be hard to deny that his personal experience from threats on his life, getting shot in a hostile confrontation, even being placed in solitary confinement, were all the result of massive overreach and abuse of power by our federal government.

So who was the actual instigator of violence in this multi-generational conflict?


It’s not often you get to hear such a detailed account directly from someone involved in such a high profile public case. But here it is! And if you’re someone who is in total disagreement with Ryan Bundy and the Bundy Ranch tactics, this is a great opportunity for you to THINK OUTSIDE THE CAGE!

When you finish listening to this one, make sure to go on to listen to PART 2!

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