CCR 137: Truthstream for the Mind w/ Melissa Dykes

Truthstream for the Mind!

THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE! The Biblical precedence set by Jesus two millennia ago still rings true today. But along with the powerful free gift of salvation provided by the work of Christ crucified and being raised from the dead, the warnings in Scripture concerning the approach of the end of the age and His return are becoming evermore blatant and obvious. 

The 20th century was perhaps the most technologically progressive known to recorded human history. But it also happened to be the most bloody. It was under these circumstances that a hidden elite group of technocrats began the cybernetic movement. Unbeknownst to the general public, the groundwork for projects like MKultra and eventually the Internet and Social Media was laid. 

My little children, let us not love in word, neither in tongue; but in deed and in truth.

1 John 3:18

Today we are seeing the massive psychological effects that have taken hold of an entire generation. This highly controlled trajectory for humanity can only be understood in the context of what happened in the ancient past. But such a worldview is not always easy for people to grasp, whether a follower of Christ or not. 

Melissa Dykes!

While the world continues to become more satanic, independent reporters become an important source of information to help us keep track of what’s openly beginning to take place. However, not everyone is able to provide the kind of transcendent hope that is required to deal with the darkness being exposed. 

For the brains behind the YouTube channel Truthstream Media, the three year process of making the film, The Minds of Men, provided a challenging faith encounter, especially for our guest Melissa Dykes. In this episode, Melissa shares her experiences from the profound to the absurd, from her childhood to the years leading up the making of the film that will go down in history as the most extensive work on the truth about MKultra, and other mind control experiments. 

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  1. Gianni Bessette

    Thank you Melissa Dykes for your continued and tireless research. I am always intrigued by your videos and find them fruitful to my walk with Christ even though it delves into some dark topics. I appreciate all you do, keep revealing truth and loving God!

    Thank you Gonz and Basil as well for supporting a fellow “Truther” as nowadays unity is lacking and desperately needed.

  2. Sharon Wood

    Thanks Guys! Great choice of guests. Love ya all.
    Really enjoyed hearing Melissa’s story.

    Yes! God can use dreams to direct our steps on this journey for Him.
    He has some very creative ways He can communicate to us his plan for our life.
    Stay in His Word! Blessed are they that hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be filled.

  3. Paul Krell

    It was great to hear Melissa in this format. The light hearted ernestness of coming around to the truth of the all mighty, like many of us have in the truth community. Your dedication deserves more than words can express. Anyone who has not seen “the minds of men”, it is a must watch. And goes right along with Arron and Melissa’s uniqie “noir” style of film. Thanks again for all your time and hard work.

  4. Paul Krell

    Gonz and Basel, you guys are great as always, I hope peace is upon you in this season. I am writing to ask for a link so I can purchase the age of deciet trilogy in DVD format. To help support. I feel like the way that Arron and Melissa did it could also help with your up and coming release which we are eagerly awaiting. Thanks again and God bless

  5. David auger

    I felt you were on point with everything you said. I’d share but I think people would think I’m crazy.

    1. KarenRose

      This film invalidates ‘crazy’. Which is the beauty of this masterpiece of disclosure…

  6. This is the second time I have watched mines men. I have to say I really wasn’t surprised. I’ve always kind of had a suspicion about things that go on. Just like I have a suspicion about one of the commentators that is telling the story. Could I be on Q. God bless you all thank you so much for shining like. I believe we are all Awakening. Peace be with you

  7. Karen Rose

    This is a MASTERPIECE of disclosure and exposure of evil. Your work is epic and inspired. You just reached a new Gold Standard of journalism. This could not have been born at a better time in history. Thank you so much and God Bless all who participated in this production. ❤️

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