CCR 139: Predictive Programming

The phrase “Predictive Programming” has been used to describe media content that predicts, or eerily foreshadows events that happen in the future. Some have defined it as “a veiled form of preemptive mass manipulation or mind control,” while others dismiss all apparent examples as mere coincidences.

Films have always been a massive tool for the power of suggestion. The more powerful the emotional vortex one is drawn into, the more popular the films are. But this escapism also creates a vacuum in ones mind, suspending disbelief and critical thought in exchange for emotions being vicariously experienced through the characters on screen. The standard sentiment for these manipulative psychological experiences, is that they are merely forms of entertainment. But what if such powerful tools are abused for the explicit purpose of conditioning the masses for some kind of desired outcome? Who are behind the agenda, and what exactly is that outcome?

In this episode, Basil and Gonz take a dive into the topic of Predictive Programming, its various examples (although not anywhere near extensive), and even take on some of the criticisms the topic has received from skeptics. The boys also get into a slight disagreement about how it may or may not relate to Bible Prophecy.

On the one hand, the simple definition of the phrase broken down, “predictive” and “programing” results in an etymological definition that can be understood as “declared things to come in a public notice, proclamation or edict.” Bible prophecy would certainly fall under this raw rendering of the phrase. But just like anything God intends for good, the enemy has used for evil. The colloquial use of “predictive programming” connotes a far more nefarious and evil intent, one that Bible Prophecy seems to expose as being a rampant trait nearing the end of the age. Listen in to see how the boys land this plane.


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  1. Michelle

    Hey guys (love your show – keep up the great work!),

    In distinguishing between prophecy and predictive programming, it might help to understand what prophecy actually is in the Hebrew tradition. The prophets in the Bible weren’t just there to tell the future (most of the time they didn’t) but to tell people to repent and turn to God (and visions of the future was only one such avenue to point to God, His character and His plans) When we see in I Cor 14:5 that prophecy is better than speaking in tongues as a gift from the Holy Spirit, we can see that it must be more than fortune telling (our Western mindset)… it is any revelation/ teaching/ guidance/ directive from God. Prophecy is from God and points to God and is for our good. Predictive programming is not necessarily from God (and may not be at all), does not point to God (usually away, into fear for the most part), and is not usually for our good (control, enslavement, confusion, obedience). Predictive programming is like a cheap knock off so in my opinion…it stinks of fallen angels.

    Thought this comment might help. 🙂 Keep asking questions guys!


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