CCR 144: Metamorphosis – Burning Man 2019

When a caterpillar reaches the chrysalis phase of their life cycle, it goes through dramatic physical changes through cell growth and differentiation. This process of turning into a beautiful butterfly is called Metamorphosis. Such was the theme of this years Burning Man.

The idea, as promoted by the “burn” community, is that humanity is currently in its own chrysalis stage, about to undergo dramatic changes not only sociologically, but also physically and more importantly, spiritually. And if you look carefully, the motif can found all over popular culture today. As the children of the billionaires of yesteryears New World Order are now taking over, it appears we may be entering the generation that forefathers of the esoteric tradition have long yearned for.

In this episode, Basil returns to Burning Man to document Metamorphosis. Meeting up once again with Carl Teichrib and his team from the Camp of the Unknown God (Acts 17:23), we get a glimpse into what it’s like to actually be at Burning Man as an open representative of the Gospel message of Jesus Christ.

Basil sat down with Audrey, Brian, Jen, Taylor and Carl to hear about their experiences of not only sharing the Gospel at Burning Man, but of their encounters with palpable spiritual warfare!

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