CCR 145: Hear the Watchmen w/ Mike Kerr

THE WATCHMEN ON THE WALL were there to warn and inform the people of anything approaching its fortification. Throughout history, many followers of Christ have been called out to be watchmen, warning the church of all that would come against her.

As the world continues to progress into a technologically driven scientific dictatorship, the modern watchmen of the 21st century are not only sharing the disturbing things they see coming, but are also powerfully unified in pointing to Jesus Christ as the only tangible solution for it all! In fact, despite the differences in eschatological timelines, their exposition of the things to come resonate much better with Biblical truths that are often overlooked or ignored by the greater body of Christ.

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What the watchmen warn about today are things that most believers would recognize if they took a moment to think about what the world is becoming right before their eyes. But few follow the rabbit trail of curiosity down far enough to understand the profound implications, since it would mean departing from the status quo offered by modern culture and modern church.

And it’s not surprising since those who do in fact gone down the rabbit trail, can often find themselves feeling alone, isolated, and detached from their peers and family, since realizing such things can shift ones perception about how the world really works. But it’s important to note, that such a feeling is not uncommon. In fact, there are likely many people who share the experience of waking up to some uncomfortable truths only to realize the cosmic ramifications of Jesus Christ’s life, death, and resurrection in light of this new perspective. In other words, YOUR NOT ALONE!

The New Testament encourages believers to gather together in worship to the LORD. This idea might seem opposite to the isolated feelings one can get when they begin to “wake up.” But as only God can do, the gap is being filled with believers like Mike and Jeanie Kerr, organizers of the Hear the Watchmen Conferences. They have been called to create a place where fellow brothers and sisters in Christ can explore the rabbit trails without any judgment or condemnation from their status quo culture or church. The gathering of watchmen also provide a cutting edge report on the impending challenges the church and the world are about to face.

Seriously…DO IT!

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In this episode, Mike Kerr of Hear the Watchmen shares his incredible journey of coming to Christ, and eventually becoming an organizer for the Hear the Watchmen events alongside his wife. In addition, he gets into why coming to the October 10-13 conference in Irvine, California called Disclosure on the Coast: Prophecy Unveiled, is a fantastic idea!

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