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CCR 146: Serpent Mounds w/ LA Marzulli

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CCR 146: Serpent Mounds w/ LA Marzulli

There are mysterious places all over the world filled with untold stories of our ancient origins. One that exists in the United States of America, are the Serpent Mounds in Ohio. Resembling the shape of a coiling serpent visible only from high above the ground, the mounds in Ohio are publicly described as an ancient burial site for native American Indians who roamed the free and open land just a couple centuries ago. However, according to some who have documented the mounds, as well as the descendants from the tribes themselves, suggest locations like the Serpent Mound have much more to do with a powerful imprint of the supernatural entities who built them.

In episode 146, our friend LA Marzulli returns with his new video series ON THE TRAIL OF THE NEPHILIM, tackling the topic of “The Mysterious Moundbuilders.” LA’s theory suggests that not only were the builders of the mounds descendants of the biblically recorded Nephilim, but that they are still alive and hiding somewhere today! If such theories have any truth to them, it would help explain the authoritarian style lock down that academic and archeological institutions (like the Smithsonian) practice over the funding of research related to our ancient past. By being able to control the historical narrative, along with a politicized scientific theory like evolution to pump the story, the general public would have no idea that the fantastic mythical descriptions of events in the ancient past found especially in the Biblical account, were not just exaggerated and colorful metaphors to describe a far more mundane existence. Rather, it confirms that our world is laced with supernaturalism and a spiritual realities that are consistent with a world where Jesus Christ died for our sins, and rose from the dead. But no matter what you believe about our ancient past, even from a Biblical perspective, you can’t dismiss the significance of the strange experiences that LA documents in this film. Visit to watch ON THE TRAIL OF THE NEPHILIM and find all of LA’s work!

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