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Economic Crisis w/ Josh Peck – 150

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Economic Crisis w/ Josh Peck – 150

This episode with returning guest Josh Peck was originally recorded live on March 27, 2020 just a few weeks into the lock down and the consequent economic crash. While many people including Gonz had been warning about the fragility of the economy and the stock market after the Federal Reserve started printing multiple billions of dollars for the REPO markets throughout the latter half of 2019, the response from the Government amidst this crisis in March caused everyone to take sides on political lines. Both Basil and Gonz weren’t terribly excited about Josh’s position regarding the logic behind bailing out the largest corporations by printing trillions of dollars out of thin air, but it goes to show that during difficult times, every issue can become divisive. However, the disagreements don’t change the fact that Josh is a beloved friend, brother in Christ, and still one of the best guests in the history of Canary Cry Radio. If anything, this conversation serves as an example of how we can agree to disagree, and still have a civil discussion while rejoicing in the Lord!

As of this post, the Federal Reserve continues to propose printing multiple billions of dollars, while unemployment has remained at all times highs for the United States. Small businesses face great risk while large corporations, even ones that have gone bankrupt, continue to receive stock market pumps, as the zombie corporations remain alive in this time of corporate communism.

The United States Federal Reserve has printed more money in one month in 2020 than they had in over 100 years. To put into perspective how much they have printed, consider the year Jesus ascended to heaven after His resurrection around 33 A.D. Now imagine printing $8 million EVERY SINGLE DAY SINCE! As of this post, the total dollars would STILL NOT ADD UP TO THE $6 TRILLION THEY HAVE PRINTED THIS YEAR! In fact, they would still need a little under $200 BILLION to reach $6 trillion!

With the nation under heavy mind control with the scam-demic, and the instigation of the “race wars,” it appears the New World Order is right on schedule.

If that wasn’t enough, Josh’s son Nathan has gone through life threatening health issues over the course of the last couple years. Please pray for Nathan and the entire Peck family. And do consider helping them financially, as the Peck family health bills add up.


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