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NIKKI’S NIGHTMARE | Titus Frost EXCLUSIVE on Nikki Haley Encounter | CCR 171

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NIKKI’S NIGHTMARE | Titus Frost EXCLUSIVE on Nikki Haley Encounter | CCR 171

It’s starting to look like 2024 is going to be the YEAR CANARY CRY TOPICS GO VIRAL! We started with LA Marzulli discussing the topic of the Nephilim going viral last week. This week, we asked an old friend of the show, Captain Titus Frost to discuss his own viral moment!

After hitting the snowy slopes for hours, Titus Frost entered a Chik-fil-A to grab some food. What he encountered what nothing short of disturbing! Nikki Haley, the alleged Republican running for President against all odds (Trump), had taken over the building! With his political wing-man organizing the encounter, Titus turned on his camera, and recorded himself asking Nikki Haley about why she spent $100 million on advertising through mainstream news outlets in Iowa, rather than using some of the money for a better cause. Her answer revealed a disturbing reality about our neocon RINO’s!  

The clip went viral, and everyone from Jack Posobeic to Laura Loomer shared it across social media! In fact, the clip went SO viral, that Newsweek even published an article about it! 

Source: Nikki Haley Confronted in Chick-fil-A for ‘Wasting Millions’ Fighting Trump (Newsweek)

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Published February 20, 2017 – CCR 115: Pizza Gate is Real with Titus Frost