CCR 119: Save the Children! Exposing #Pedogate w/ Liz Crokin

DO IT FOR THE CHILDREN! There are many ways the elite cabal controls our world. But at the core of their methodology, is blackmail. The darker the blackmail they can hold over one another, the better leverage they have to pursue their own personal interests. These personal interests not only conflict with the good of [...]

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CCR 115: #Pizzagate is Real with Titus Frost

THE EVIDENCE IS PILING UP! #PizzaGate is REAL! What first broke out as a strange set of Wikileaks emails from people high up in the ranks of the Democratic party, eventually snowballed into anĀ open source public investigation into the D.C. pizza shop Comet Ping Pong. This was the spark that began the flames of “fake [...]

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