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Fellowship Fighting Fascism | CCR 172

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Fellowship Fighting Fascism | CCR 172

What does spiritual warfare look like in 2024 America? The answer might be political! 

The United States has descended into Post-Constitutional Feudalism. Our current fascistic system of public-private-partnerships that allow corporations to fornicate with governments has eroded not only society at large, but our very own communities! But there is a way to push back against this tide of tyranny, and it aligns with all the tenants of Biblical spiritual warfare in the most literal sense. If you need an example, look no further than our returning guest, Patrick Holland of the Missouri Freedom Initiative! 

Patrick is back after just 5 episodes for not only an update on the historical week in Missouri politics, but to also discuss the tactics and template on how every American citizen can act in our very own communities to ensure nefarious, demonic agenda’s do not become institutionalized by our local leadership. 

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Missouri Freedom Initiative: