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Trump the CHRIST Rising | @DonnieDarkened | CCR 175

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Trump the CHRIST Rising | @DonnieDarkened | CCR 175

Is Donald Trump the Antichrist? The rise of progressivism with a radical leftist agenda has been the target of the conservative right wing for over a decade led by the United States. But as conservative populism reaches critical mass worldwide, the deceptions woven within what we’ve labelled here as the Alt Media Industrial Complex, requires much discernment, especially Christ centered discernment!

While the confines of politics provides an arena for the illusion of purpose, the culture wars that spring from such an apparatus are ultimately empty if they are not pointing people to the Way, the Truth and the Life! The true danger for the church is NOT the rise of liberalism, progressivism, and radical leftism. Even groups like the WEF, IMF, UN, NATO and on and on…are now common enemies for “we the people.” Much harder to identify are the satanic forces hiding within the movement that appeals to the average Christian and Conspiracy Theorist alike. 

On this episode, we speak with Donnie Darkened, an anonymous online preacher, calling out the deceptions of the ecumenical rise of Trump that both the right and left wring participate in perpetuating. The messianic fervor that both the mainstream media, and the Trump supporters share, ought to make anyone with a critical Christ centered mind to stop and be alarmed by the potential set up for a massive deception. 

In the end, understanding the sovereignty of God and His ultimate providence over creation is what ought to give us hope for the future. It’s not about the red pill, or the black pill. It’s about the Jesus pill! 

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Episode 156 False Light with Donnie Darkened

Canary Cry Radio #175 – 02.23.2024 – Pre-Recorded on 02.20.2024

Declaring Jesus as Lord amidst the Fifth Generation War!

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