CCR 127: Unmasking UFO Disclosure w/ Derek Gilbert & Josh Peck

UNIDENTIFIED FLYING OBJECTS! What are they? Where are they from? Who is in them? Why are they here? Over the years, various interpretations of the UFO phenomenon have given rise to everything from silly meme’s to actual death cults. The hope for official UFO disclosure has always been a “carrot on the stick” for a [...]

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CCR 031: John Titor the Time Traveler

  TIME TRAVEL, THE BIBLE, AND A MAN NAMED JOHN TITOR! Basil and Gonz talk about internet conspiracy sensation in the last decade, the story of the alleged time traveler John Titor. The guys wrestle with everything from the implications if the Everett Wheeler model for a multiverse is true, to the moral implications of [...]

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