CCR 127: Unmasking UFO Disclosure w/ Derek Gilbert & Josh Peck

UNIDENTIFIED FLYING OBJECTS! What are they? Where are they from? Who is in them? Why are they here? Over the years, various interpretations of the UFO phenomenon have given rise to everything from silly meme’s to actual death cults. The hope for official UFO disclosure has always been a “carrot on the stick” for a public dying to know the truth about the subject. Those who have jumped to conclusions about who are behind the wheel of a UFO, have done so in religious fervor. But the scene has been more abuzz with unfolding events in recent months.

While Wikileaks caused political upheaval during the last elections, UFO researchers pointed out communication in the email dumps between prominent figures (an astronaut) and individuals in government, about the topic of UFO disclosure. In recent months, former government agents have come forward to admit that there were programs tracking, monitoring, and analyzing these UFOs in as recent as the last presidency. While it was not an actual UFO landing on the White House lawn, the Wikileaks emails, and this announcement have been as close to UFO disclosure as we have seen. Alongside these apocalyptic reports in the mainstream media, an organization led by a rock star has emerged, supported by former government agents, promoting an education system surrounding the concept of “going to the stars.” With so much going on, it’s challenging to keep track of all the developments.

But if we take a step back, and reflect on the phenomenon from a Biblical perspective, it becomes apparent that the philosophical engine driving the world in response to the UFO, is in direct opposition to Word of God! And what’s even more bizarre, it is the Bible itself that seems to have the best explanatory power for the questions that are sparked about the UFO, its occupants, and their purpose. And if such were the case, we would quickly realize that the spiritual war of the ages, rages on. And we are in the thick of it! To help unpack UFO disclosure, we welcome back Derek Gilbert and Josh Peck! They recently released the book, ‘The Day the Earth Stands Still: Unmasking the Old Gods Behind ETs, UFOs, and the Official Disclosure Movement’! Derek is an author, host of PID Radio with his wife Sharon, host of VFTB podcast, host of SkywatchTV News and more! Josh Peck, not the actor on Drake & Josh, is an author, and overall good guy! 


The Day the Earth Stands Still: Unmasking the Old Gods Behind ETs, UFOs, and the Official Disclosure Movement

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  1. Just wanted to say to you both, Gonz and Basil. I’m glad you are doing episodes again( you both have been working on side projects, parenthood) but there is nothing like the both of you hosting shows. You guys have great energy together.. I originally ran into you all by accident, when I was following Rob Skiba and he wound up doing an interview with you CCR16 and 17, from that point on I really enjoyed listening to the other shows you have done as well. Keep up the great work guys. Lots of love going your way!

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    I always w=enjoy listening

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