parallel universe

CCR 108: Quantum Computers & Mandela Portals with Anthony Patch

EVER HEARD OF D-WAVE SYSTEMS? It’s the worlds largest Quantum Computer company with machines that have been sold to the likes of CERN, Google, NASA, Lockheed Martin, and Los Alamos National Laboratory. Their Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Geordie Rose, stated in a public presentation that the quantum machines had a sound that resembles a heartbeat. He went on [...]

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CCR 031: John Titor the Time Traveler

  TIME TRAVEL, THE BIBLE, AND A MAN NAMED JOHN TITOR! Basil and Gonz talk about internet conspiracy sensation in the last decade, the story of the alleged time traveler John Titor. The guys wrestle with everything from the implications if the Everett Wheeler model for a multiverse is true, to the moral implications of [...]

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