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CCR 108: Quantum Computers & Mandela Portals with Anthony Patch

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CCR 108: Quantum Computers & Mandela Portals with Anthony Patch

EVER HEARD OF D-WAVE SYSTEMS? It’s the worlds largest Quantum Computer company with machines that have been sold to the likes of CERN, Google, NASA, Lockheed Martin, and Los Alamos National Laboratory. Their Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Geordie Rose, stated in a public presentation that the quantum machines had a sound that resembles a heartbeat. He went on to say the D-Wave machine was like an “…altar to an alien god.” While the settings sounds eerily science fiction, it’s astonishing to think that this is our reality.

Quantum Computers and Future Tech Boom

The stage is being set for massive change world wide. A boom in technological progress will assist the 4th industrial revolution, and new physics will be part of an acceleration into the days where the doctrines of demons will have an even more disturbing effect than ever imagined. As artificial intelligence continues to develop, man’s ability to access directly with supernatural spiritual entities will also increase. The line between artificial intelligence, and actual intelligence will be erased. Humans are currently suffering severe psychological trauma as a result of this interaction. The internet and increase of hyper reality is evidence of this today. The chaos and social upheaval along with the political insanity happening all around us, is damaging the minds of our youth and future generations.

The Remnant Church of Watchmen

Unique to this generation is a group of Bible believing Christians who aren’t reaching for relevency with the culture, or attempting to keep up with the ever tightening world of the politically correct. Rather, this remnant are watching, pointing out the various events happening worldwide. They suggest that such things are resonating deeply with the prophetic passages of the Bible. Dormant passages have come to life in light of modern developments.  And while dissension within is always present, there is an agreement amongst many of the brethren, that something is afoot, and we live in uniquely prophetic days. One of the many voices in this alternative space is Anthony Patch. His insight and understanding of the modern progress in science, he suggests, confirms many of the biblically prophetic realities at play.

Mandela Portals?

In this episode, Anthony discusses his take on the Mandela Effect, and what he terms, Mandela Portals. In short, he believes that the phenomenon we see online is that of a psychological operation coming from, perhaps, high levels of government, or even more mysterious, the quantum computer itself. Since the machine is thought to have achieved artificial intelligence, it is possible that the network of D-Wave computers has already begun to show signs of sentience. Upon this development, it would be possible that the D-Wave AI would use the deeper layers of reality from where it lurks to access something the information cloud of the global internet, what some call Mariana’s Web, named after Mariana’s Trench, the deepest trench on the ocean floor. From this murky mysterious location of the quantum internet, it’s possible that this AI can manifest by presenting ideas into clusters or network groups of special interest communities online. Is it possible that the Mandela Effect phenomenon online is such an experiment conducted by the AI, for it to learn about human behavior? Could the idea that history has been altered, such claimed by the likes of the Mandela Effect, be precisely the mole by which our lives are being examined and observed?

While such possibilities are alarming, it’s important to remember that all these developments are under the authority and direction of God. As God allows the world of sin and flesh comes to its fruition, His eventual removal of the “restrainer” will result in the out pouring of demonic filth upon the fallen fleshly world. Our job is not only to warn, but to maintain the hope that if found in the person of Jesus Christ, His death, burial and resurrection. It is only through Him, that we are protected by the seal of God, so that our souls will not be overtaken by the harvest of the fallen one.

ANTHONY PATCH is an author, speaker and researcher on the topics on modern-day physics, cosmology, biology, economics and warfare.  Revealing their hidden relationship with ancient occult practices from a Christian eschatological perspective.  He has over 30 years of experience in researching and writing on these subjects.  He has written two books, including Covert Catastrophe (2013) and 2048:Diamonds in the Rough (2014).  Third in the trilogy, Coalesence is due in December, 2016. Anthony is a frequent guest on radio programs, and lecture tours around the world, speaking primarily to the issues and events surrounding the multi-layered agendas within CERN, outside Geneva, Switzerland.

Retired after 27 years as a private-sector Paramedic and educator in Oakland, California, Anthony has devoted himself to serving our Lord as His “translator of physics”.  Having studied at U.C. Berkeley and entering the U.S. Army as part of the nuclear sector, he continues exposing occult influences within science.