CCR 115: #Pizzagate is Real with Titus Frost

THE EVIDENCE IS PILING UP! #PizzaGate is REAL! What first broke out as a strange set of Wikileaks emails from people high up in the ranks of the Democratic party, eventually snowballed into an open source public investigation into the D.C. pizza shop Comet Ping Pong. This was the spark that began the flames of “fake [...]

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CCR 113: Paper Wars and Pizza Gate w/ Sean of SGT Report

DO WE LIVE IN A FASCIST CORPORATOCRACY? And what kinds of evil are the hidden elite involved in behind closed doors? The 2016 election cycle brought with it a new level of fervor and chaos thanks to social media. The division between the independent online source and the mainstream source became wider and wider with credibility [...]

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