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CCR 113: Paper Wars and Pizza Gate w/ Sean of SGT Report

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CCR 113: Paper Wars and Pizza Gate w/ Sean of SGT Report


DO WE LIVE IN A FASCIST CORPORATOCRACY? And what kinds of evil are the hidden elite involved in behind closed doors? The 2016 election cycle brought with it a new level of fervor and chaos thanks to social media. The division between the independent online source and the mainstream source became wider and wider with credibility on the line. In the end, it seemed the main stream media were left wondering why their multi billion dollar corporate machine was unable to “win the election,” against an unorganized collective of voices loosely termed the “truth community.” In the meantime, a Donald Trump presidency may mean the same ole’ tricks from the banksters of paper wars, who truly seem to be planning the crash of the dollars within the next two years only to replace it with a One World Currency. This might lead directly into prophetic passages that we read in the book of Revelation chapter 13 regarding the image and mark of the beast.

But as we occupy the days ahead, we must be educated on the true history of our recent past when it comes to elite economics. Our guest in this episode, Sean from SGT Report, covers the recent history of corruption within the global banking system to show the manipulation of power on display. He explains how most wars in the last century have been paper wars backed by nothing but to create more debt in a nation. We then move into the topic of #PizzaGate where the circumstantial evidence is piling up on the strange folks that are affiliated with Comet Ping Pong, a restaurant in Washington DC.