CCNT *Special* “Paranoid Fringe-Type” Part 2 – 8.31.2016

THIS WILL BE THE LAST SPECIAL POST ON THIS FEED. Please make sure to visit iTunes to subscribe to the Canary Cry News Talk Feed! Part 2 of the Paranoid Fringe-type talk of the “Christian terrorist.” LINK goo.gl/XWZMrC

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CCR 028: Tim Kilkenny Interview

MAIN STREAM MEDIA AND THE CHRISTIAN CONSPIRACY THEORIST: HOW DO WE UNDERSTAND THE NEWS? Basil and Gonz are joined by co-host of Revelations Radio News, Tim Kilkenny. The guys discuss alternative Christian media and what it means to be part of a subculture of Christians who are considered fringe conspiracy theorists. LINKS: http://revelationsradionews.com http://revelationsradionetwork.com  

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