CCNT *Special* “Paranoid Fringe-Type” Part 2 – 8.31.2016

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Part 2 of the Paranoid Fringe-type talk of the “Christian terrorist.”


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  1. Erica

    Thought provoking episode for sure. Although I do think the general trend has started to vilify Christians more and more, I don’t believe it has reached the point to cause valid paranoia for the fringe Christian population in general. Yet.

    Regarding this specific incident, the guy definitely did the right things to attract the attention of the higher ups. If you go to his YouTube page, he lists “A.R.M.S. Militia” under his channel tab. Ummm, sorry, but nothing waves a red flag like the term ‘arms militia’… and not to mention that which u have already stated about his video threatening to kill people while waving around his M-whatever in full combat gear. That said, we all still need to be aware and use common sense.

    Great episode Basil and Gonz!

    Oh, and INTERPOL, if you’re reading this, I’m just a little ole middle aged housewife with two small dogs who loves Jesus and has never killed anything larger than a cricket.

  2. Alma L

    Thanks guys for bringing this story up! I hadn’t seen it yet (probably a good thing that it didn’t circulate too much) and it was a good reminder to be on the alert.
    It makes me think about how some people were blaming Christians for the Pulse nightclub shooting. Thankfully our dear Savior gave us a heads up in Matthew 10:22!
    “And ye shall be hated of all men for my name’s sake: but he that endureth to the end shall be saved.”

  3. Al Dhi

    All I can say is… This is precisely why you, Basil, were led to dedicate your new podcast to the Joy of the Lord.
    Because if you need to beat your wife to deliver your wrath, if you need to drown your despair in drugs, if you need to compensate for your insecurity by posing with firearms… Then you are not at ease.

    As a Christian, this man did not take the next step. Of letting go his fears. Of trusting fully in Jesus Christ. Of gaining the strength to stay calm in the midst of a the storm.

    For what is happening around us is a massive shift that will culminate in the ultimate breakdown of everything. Society is mercilessly deconstructing itself, so that the shards can be arranged to a new whole. It is the chaos-stage of “ordo ab chao”, the grand delusion. And our only shelter is Jesus Christ.

    Right now, we need to spread His love more than anything. We need to display the fruits of the Spirit more than ever. As society is breaking down, so are the individuals. Look around, open your eyes, you will see broken spirits everywhere, lost in a maze of neglect. But with every mental, emotional or physical wound that we manage to heal – by just being good people, by following the example our Lord and Saviour set, by genuinely caring for our neighbors – we can hinder the shattering a little bit. And Satan will rage. Because his time is short. Let’s make it even shorter!

    As weird as it sounds. The more insane things become, the more sane we need to become. Do you hear the deafening noise all around? You need to express Shalom. Do you see the tears on your neighbor’s eyes? You need to express the Joy.
    Let’s find the fire of the Holy Spirit that kindled Christianity like it was in its early days. Let’s revive the Church of our Lord Jesus Christ!

  4. G.T.

    Flat earth took off when President Barry mentioned it in a speech.–MF0tx0&t=33s

    It was nothing, then he spoke, and then it just exploded. Classic psyop.

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