CCR003: TechnoCalyps and Obamacare Eugenics

TECHNOCALYPSE AND MODERN EUGENICS! In this episode, we talk about an old film that’s on youtube called TechnoCalyps as well as a new movie that’s out called Transhuman: Do You Want to Live Forever? We also briefly discuss the new Obamacare regulation call for free sterilization for all college age women.


Transhuman – Do You Want to Live Forever?:

Obamacare Regulates Free Sterilization:

The New World Order and the Eugenics Wars – A Christian Perspective:

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  1. Sheila

    I asked a friend in my building if I could come over and ask questions about things I recently read in the bible and did not understand. Before we started reading I commented that her clock had a “IV” and mine had “IIII”. I asked what the last words were in her bible because she had a different version. Her bible ended at Revelations 14:14. I’m not making this up. She immediately called her friend because they bought the same bibles at the same time. Her friends bible had Revelations 22.
    Maybe…this is where we are????

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