CCR 039: Greed and the Singularity

GREED AND THE SINGULARITY, WHAT IS THE CONNECTION? What is the driving factor behind the push for human evolution via technology? Perhaps it is greed. Basil and Gonz discuss the topic of greed and the many effects it has on our spirituality, human psyche, society, and the external-material world. They then connect this human condition [...]

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CCR003: TechnoCalyps and Obamacare Eugenics

TECHNOCALYPSE AND MODERN EUGENICS! In this episode, we talk about an old film that’s on youtube called TechnoCalyps as well as a new movie that’s out called Transhuman: Do You Want to Live Forever? We also briefly discuss the new Obamacare regulation call for free sterilization for all college age women. TechnoCalyps: Transhuman – Do You [...]

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