CCR005: Predictive Policing and Transhumanist Conference

MINORITY REPORT MAY NOT JUST BE SCIENCE FICTION! Basil and Gonz talk about predictive policing and the issues surrounding the use of pre crime technology. They then dig into a transhumanist conference held recently in Moscow, Russia, called The Global Future 2045 Congress.

Infographic used at Global Future 2045 conference

Police Chief Magazine:

DHS Report on FAST Technology:

CBS News Report on Preventative Crime:

The Global Future 2045 Congress Website:

Bible Verses Discussed: (Daniel 8:23-25, Matthew 24:22, Revelation 9:6, Revelation 13:16)

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  1. David

    Great show, guys!

  2. David
  3. Steph

    Thanks this was really informative! It is crazy to see how scripture ties in to all this! There’s not much we can do about any of this, but you are right that we can be aware and get our hearts right with God. I’m only just really learning about this stuff and it has brought a whole new light on my relationship with Christ and how I view my life. It really is motivation to be bold and have no reservation about proclaiming Jesus. It is a little frightening, but I know I have a purpose for being here right now and that I will be here long enough to fulfill God’s purpose in my life. And after that I’ll be with our Savior in Heaven!

    One thing I’m struggling with is what else do I do with this information? I am currently taking a break from college and now that I know where things are headed, I don’t know whether I should even finish my schooling or what direction I should go in now… But I guess only God can answer that for me.

    Thank you guys for sharing your thoughts. It really helps and I was glad to find your podcasts in my search for truth about what is really going on in the world. I’ll be praying for you guys and that you can be an influence on those who are lost and looking for answers.

  4. Ron

    All those terms you use, make complete sense to me, but then NSA tried to recruit me for a long time, last com was ‘It’s what you know.’ I know unbreakable code, regardless how big and wide the machine. It’s software/spirit vs. material machine. My son has an ultra-clearance, They went through me with a fine-toothed comb before he was granted that. I don’t know who/what drives NSA, hence my refusal.

  5. Ron

    BTW, it’s technically not ‘predictive policing’, it’s predictive analysis. Works on the statistical/calculus model. No exacts, just @. JunkMail was the first iteration. I can demolish any machine, I am software from above and know things they can never know, including God, The Father, and His Son, Jesus Christ. In/at the End, We Win!!!!!

  6. Marie Holley

    future crime prevention = total incarceration ; lock us all up….yeh…. that oughta work

  7. Jerry from Portland

    Wow! Just when I think I’m getting a grasp on where things are headed, you guys help refine my understanding…and to think that I’d not listened to this as it was published before I found your pod casts. Thanks for the recommendation. Thank you God! God Bless you both.

  8. Cindy

    Just beginning to listen, but could not help but notice the Ionic column from ancient Greek architecture and was wondering if that was by design. It’s my understanding that that was the Greeks’ hat tip to Baphomet Goat of Mendez with the rams horns.

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