CCR 039: Greed and the Singularity

GREED AND THE SINGULARITY, WHAT IS THE CONNECTION? What is the driving factor behind the push for human evolution via technology? Perhaps it is greed. Basil and Gonz discuss the topic of greed and the many effects it has on our spirituality, human psyche, society, and the external-material world. They then connect this human condition [...]

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CCR005: Predictive Policing and Transhumanist Conference

MINORITY REPORT MAY NOT JUST BE SCIENCE FICTION! Basil and Gonz talk about predictive policing and the issues surrounding the use of pre crime technology. They then dig into a transhumanist conference held recently in Moscow, Russia, called The Global Future 2045 Congress. Police Chief Magazine: DHS Report on FAST Technology: CBS News [...]

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