CCR 010: Top 10 UFO Footage on Youtube

UFOs ARE REAL BURGEONING AND NOT GOING AWAY! For their 10th episode, Basil and Gonz make a top 10 list of UFO footage they found on Youtube. While there are literally thousands of UFO footage out there on the net, the guys chose a few that are both compelling, interesting, and worth checking out. Even though most UFO footage can be argued as hoaxes or CGI (Computer Graphic Imaging) the guys believe it’s important to check these out when they come out and decide for yourself whether they are fake, or real. But remember, if just one is real, then the phenomenon is real and something is going on that defies simple explanation.




9.) UFO FLEET-Japan/Mexico 


















3.) UFO over Korea from Airplane



2.) UFOs over Washington July 12, 1952



1.) Skinny Bob






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  1. Great show guys. A lot of footage I had not seen. Surprisingly, never heard of ‘Skinny Bob’ before! Pretty good hoax, depending on when it was shot. Any animator will tell you the movement is a little wooden and unnatural.
    Reminds me of the film ‘Paul’ 🙂

    1. Arnn

      Hi Jonny,

      That Skinny Bob footage reminded me of a documentary that Jonathan Frakes (the bearded one on “Star Trek, TNG”)did called “Alien Autopsy”. I may be getting it mixed up with another doc from the 80’s that Mike Farrell (he of M*A*S*H* fame)did. At any rate the film quality was intentionally made grainy to give it an “authentic” appearance.



      1. Ah yes, Alien Autopsy! I can’t remember much about that, maybe I’ll hit youtube to refresh my memory.

        1. Arnn

          It’s a slow day at the office–I’ll youtube it too and try to find out more info on the Mike Farrell doc on IMDB.

          1. Arnn

            UFO Cover-up?:Live! 14-Oct-88.
            The thing that sticks out the most on that particular two hours of my life was that since it was live there was a lot of Farrell talking over the people he interviewed followed by the usually “Excuse me, go ahead.” “No, that’s okay you go ahead.” Followed by the two interupting each other again, followed by mute silence. Pretty funny. Of course the title is pretty funny too!

          2. Arnn

            I’m not savvy enough to post the actual youtube itself, but here is the link for “Cover up” :

            “Alien Autopsy”:

            And for added fun–“The Star Wars Holiday Special”:

  2. Arnn

    I vaguely remember the fact or faked episode on the Guadalajara UFO–even though it was recent. Although it’s a fun show I don’t pay much attention to it unless the stunning Lanisha Cole is present. That being said it seemed like the witness they interviewed appeared genuine which made it more tangible.

  3. Kathleen

    Come on, guys – there was NO footage made of the DC saucers in 1952 . . . and what you’ve got there is very obviously not 1950’s footage- they didn’t even have color film then! Tell me you were just chekcing to see if we’re paying attention . . . ;-}
    If you want a good modern news clip recapping the story, take a look at this: At the 2.41 mark is the only published documented photo of that incident.

    1. dave uk
    2. Arnn

      They had color film back then, Miss Scarlet! Just ask Rhett. Gone With the Wind was filmed in color and that was 1939. Or how about The Wizard of Oz? Wasn’t that in color with those illuminati created Chimeras like the Scarecrow, the Tin Man and the Cowardly Lion?

      1. dave uk

        put em up ! put em up !!

      2. Hey Arnn! Oz is a hugely interesting film. The original story was a dig at the corrupt financial system, if you have time check out this award winning documentary:

        1. Arnn

          Thanks Jonny! I’m glad I took a break from the Marzulli page and peeked back over here. I’ll check out that doc now—have a blessed weekend.

          On another Wiz note–I also vaguely remember something about if you play Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon” with Oz muted it actually synchronizes—probably an urban legend.

          1. admin

            Had to comment on that. I have synced dark side of the moon with oz. it does sync up. It’s very eerie. but it only lasts for about the first 35 min of the film since Dark Side of the Moon is a relatively short album.


          2. You’re welcome Arnn.

            Big fan of PFloyd myself. Despite the band allegedly having some very suspicious relationships of occult figures during the 70s(?).

            Never heard about the synching thing- sounds like a fluke though!

          3. Arnn

            Hey Jonny,

            I watched it last night on Youtube—Gonz is right—very creepy mood and tone!
            Whereas the storm clouds during the “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” portion are somewhat sublime during normal footage, add the Pink Floyd soundtrack and it get’s a lil’ disturbing. Let me see if I can find the link . . .

            Ah yes here it is:

            Have a blessed Weekend,


        2. DMCX2


          1. I disagree. Not everything has an esoteric agenda.
            Please expand on how you believe this to be so.

    3. admin

      I applaud your skepticism Kathleen. Although, as Dave points out, color film did in fact exist and was used in non-broadcast media for a little over a decade before 1952 (color television, however, was not introduced until 1954.)The event was not televised although it is well documented in newspapers from the time. I’ll try to post a shot of the front page of the Cedar Rapids Gazette which is famous for it’s headline regarding the event “Saucers Swarm Over Capitol!” It’s quite timely, haha.
      Keeping in mind anything and everything can be faked now-a-days. It’s tempting to discredit any piece of footage, which was one of the things i stressed in this episode. And as popular as Fox News is, we try to stay increasingly cautious when dealing with popular mass media. It has a nasty habit of taking advantage of it’s assumed ultimate authority. Either way, good job stayin’ on your toes! Question everything!


    4. Arnn

      In all seriousness though you do have a good point, Kathleen–that DC footage does look a little contemporary.

      Grace and Peace,


      1. admin

        Well then, lets discuss. What seems contemporary to you?

        1. Arnn

          The voice or presentation of the piece appeals to emotion with narrative followed by dramatic music and color changes to infrared. Some older films that are originally color or colorized have a fuzzy quality which—although present—appeared less opaque than normal. The actual footage was 30 seconds incapsulated in nearly three minutes of the aforementioned changes. The speed of the film appeared smoother than what I would expect of nighttime quality circa 1952.

          Hey Basil, Your comment about Skinny Bob’s turtleneck had me laughing for days! I keep thinking of Mike Myers in “So I Married an Axe Murderer” where he yells at that one kid “Head!! Move it!!” And Nancy Travis responds: “Don’t call him head, you’ll give him a complex!”

          You’ll give Skinny Bob a complex!



          1. Kathleen

            I stand corrected re: not having color film at that time — but I can tell by looking it’s not vintage 1950’s film. Thanks so much, Arnn, for your specifics on some of the indications it’s not vintage film. Here’s what one person said about that clip, as posted on Youtube. I haven’t had time to verify his comment, but I have a hunch he’s correct:

            [This is a reconstruction from a documentary] “The doco is called “Out of the blue” by James Fox.

            It’s “meant to look like real footage”hence it’s 8mm hand-held look” and is shown in the section that talks about the 1952 Washington wave. It’s run behind actual witness accounts describing the event.

            TOO MANY people have re-posted this footage “as genuine” and it’s not new!

            Unfortunately there was no movie footage at the time and they’ve just tried to “bring to life” the good still photos taken.

            UFO’s are real, just this footage isn’t.”

            impalax327 10 months ago

          2. admin

            bravo! well that sounds about right. I wonder where we could find the genuine photos the poster mentions.

  4. dave uk

    Kodachrome was the first commercially successful application of monopack multilayer film, introduced in 1935

    1. Arnn

      Momma don’t take my Kodachrome! Was that Simon or Garfunkel or both?

      1. dave uk
        1. Arnn

          Thanks Dave UK!! Love that crescendo towards the end.

          Click on that Mungo Jerry “Summertime” link on that same page it’s cool, but beware–the last time I watched it I couldn’t get that song out of my head for a week!

  5. bill

    Interesting video! Possibly real! It looks to be altered. I think it has been cut down from a larger format to hide certain details, such as the beings actual height. I also think that it was originally in color, but has been artificially aged and converted into black and white. Definitely not a guy in a suit! The body proportions are all wrong for that! The hands only have three fingers and a thumb! I do not see any evidence of CGI! Almost ALL of the “alien” images are nude! Because almost ALL of them are FAKE! It is VERY difficult to do CGI clothing. All the folds and wrinkles burn up computer time and space! Often, the result is something that looks less than real! Speaking of clothing: Skinny Bob’s looks to have been very darkened. I think it was originally a dot type camo and there is triangular pattern of 3 dots high on his right shoulder, in the standing front view. Skinny Bob appears to be military! My guess is that those 3 dots indicate rank. Stop the video, and take a good, close look at that full front view. Look at the EYES: All of that black is not eyes and not shadows! The eyes are indicated by tiny slits just visible in all that blackness! I think Skinny Bob is from a world with much less light than the surface of the earth. The blackened areas around his real eyes, is to cut glare! Football players do much the same thing!

  6. David

    Too bad, YouTube has removed almost all of the videos in the links above! I listened to the podcast today and was disappointed I cannot see the footage described

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