CCR 120: Vlogger to Truther w/ Really Graceful

THE PATH TO TRUTH IS UNIQUE FOR EVERYONE. For some folks, it’s a matter of seeing a documentary film about 9/11. For others, it’s reading a book or magazine article that plants a seed of curiosity. And still for others, it’s a life experience that sparks a quest to find answers. For YouTuber Really Graceful, [...]

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CCR 084: The Vigilant Christian

THE WORD VIGILANT is defined as being “alertly watchful, especially to avoid danger.“  And in a world that has literally become Alice Bailey’s “externalization of the hierarchy,” we see pretty clearly that the Illuminati, the new world order, and the entertainment industry, all have become “of one mind.” While most Christians blindly infuse themselves into [...]

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CCR 010: Top 10 UFO Footage on Youtube

UFOs ARE REAL BURGEONING AND NOT GOING AWAY! For their 10th episode, Basil and Gonz make a top 10 list of UFO footage they found on Youtube. While there are literally thousands of UFO footage out there on the net, the guys chose a few that are both compelling, interesting, and worth checking out. Even though [...]

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