CCR 015: Surveillance State

WE LIVE IN A SURVEILLANCE STATE! Gonz calls in from Branson to join Basil for episode 15. Sound quality is a little spotty because Gonz had to edit on the road, but hang in there. Gonz  talks about his trek to Branson and the guys recap some updates from episode 14 (GM Babies are here). They then get into the topic of internet surveillance and segway into all the different ways we are being watched.


ISPs Copyright Police:

Bug Sized Drones:

TV spy:

Laser that reads at Molecular Level:

Blog Post:

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  1. You covered a lot of stuff here guys!

    Those body scanners make me really uneasy, I’m just not convinced of how safe the things are. The stories about the TSA I read and hear make me think twice about visiting the US, makes the equivalent here in the UK seem like care bears.
    And monitoring your body chemistry? Everytime I hear about new security measures it just makes me think that some of this new technology is a police-state’s wet dream.

    I agree with you on the IP- companies need to find more creative and realistic avenues for distribution of their material. But these big companies that have lobbied for these measures are inherently unoriginal, as long as they are raking in profits, why would they fix it? I’m all for protecting smaller independant companies and induvidual artists, but the measures seem to favour larger companies.
    Anyway, things like Netflix and iTunes will eventually force some form of capitulation.

    Enjoy the convention Gonz 😉

    1. admin


      Thanks brother. Great insight as always. It’s been great to rub shoulders with folks who are like minded.

      I’m going to be even more keen on what the TSA does on the way home!


  2. I was really glad to hear you guys mentioned the whole issue of surveillance happening through various electronic devices we bring into our home.

    A little while back, when my mind was freshly reeling from the implication of 9/11 and all the surveillance measures that came from that, I sort of went through a period of time where I was just really buggin out, and suddenly I wasn’t sure what to believe about anything, and yeah, I confess there were a few times where I let myself go “youtube wandering”, and suddenly I’m watching stuff where people are talking about how the government switched the tv broadcast signal from an analog signal to digital, because it allowed your newer television, or digital converter box, to send info BACK, instead of just receiving. I think I may have actually gone around my house and started unplugging things at one point, cuz I just got really freaked out!

    I dunno, I’m not quite so paranoid now (I guess I’ve just come to the place where I’m like, “If the government is gonna put me on a list cuz I put my faith in Christ, and not the world, then so be it…) But the whole prospect of being spied on like this is pretty creepy, and it’s really not far-fetched, as you guys show with your examples in the show…

    Something else that really sorta spooked me out recently in this same vein, was when I saw the movie “Avengers”. Sure, there’s tons of memes to explore re: transhumanism, trans-dimensional travel, etc., but what I think was the most disturbing element was when they showed how “S.H.I.E.L.D.” was trying to find out where Loki was, and so what do they do? They push a button and suddenly their computers are peeking into the video/camera feeds from every cell phone on the planet, and cross-referencing the images with Loki’s face using face recognition software… Aha! We found him in Germany in a matter of minutes! How awesome…

    So now we’re seeing entertainment depicting omnipresent surveillance as something being used by the “good guys”, and we should just be stoked about it. The t.v. show “Person of Interest” is another example of this that gives me the willies…

    Anyhow, now that I’ve been talking about it and thinking about it more consciously once again, it makes me want to go for a nice walk in the woods, and just get miles away from “civilization”….

    Great show, glad you made the effort despite the location challenges…

  3. Arnn

    Basil’s sounding like Barry White with that cold!

    1. admin

      Haha im going to take that as a compliment 😉

  4. Arnn

    Hope you get to feeling better, Basil! We’ve had a lot of Upper Airway stuff here in Oklahoma.

  5. KevinH

    look at stuff like the xbox kinect to. with gesture recognizing technology they can not only have access to seeing what you are doing but also have systems that monitor exactly what you are doing without even having to look at it. possibly even sending off alarms if your walking around your home with hunting equipment or other dangerous objects.

    1. admin

      exactly, or anything that might be interpreted as unsavory, for that matter. Put simply, the technology is in place and the possibilities are endless. And they know it.

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