Internet Tracking

CCR 015: Surveillance State

WE LIVE IN A SURVEILLANCE STATE! Gonz calls in from Branson to join Basil for episode 15. Sound quality is a little spotty because Gonz had to edit on the road, but hang in there. Gonz  talks about his trek to Branson and the guys recap some updates from episode 14 (GM Babies are here). [...]

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CCR002: Internet Tracking and Utah Data Center

WHAT IS THE LARGEST DATA CENTER IN AMERICA, LOCATED IN UTAH, KEEPING TRACK OF? Basil and Gonz discuss Internet tracking, the NSA’s controversial Utah Data Center as reported by the Wired article, The NSA is Building the Country’s Biggest Spy Center (Watch What You Say), British telecom’s “Soul Catcher” implants, and the spiritual questions that we will [...]

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CCR001: Introductions, Internet Tracking, and Transhumanism

GREETING FROM THE COAL MINE! This is our first podcast of what we hope to be many to come. After a brief introduction about the show, Basil and Gonz talk about internet tracking, where it’s at and what it means for the future of an open source internet in America and the world. We then move [...]

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