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CCR 044: The Prophecy Forum

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CCR 044: The Prophecy Forum

WHAT DID GONZ TALK ABOUT AT THE PROPHECY FORUM? Does the mark of the beast and the image of the beast have anything to do with rapidly emerging technologies? What about the very realistic prospect that we are entering a time when the question of what it means to be human will be challenged, manipulated, and eventually changed? How should a Christian respond to such developments and is there even an answer from the Biblical Worldview? How does this have anything to do with aliens if at all? These were the kinds of questions that Gonz , LA Marzulli and Doug Hamp tackled on the weekend of March 15-16, 2013 at the inaugural The Prophecy Forum: Aliens or Angels?

Gonz talks about his thoughts on his first ever power-point presentation and his first public speaking venture. The episode also contains the entire presentation in audio Gonz gave called Rise of the Beast Image: The Role of Science and Technology in the Unfolding of Bible Prophecy.


Rise of the Beast Image Video: