Douglas Hamp

CCR 048: Douglas Hamp and the Veil Between Heaven and Earth

WHAT IS THE VEIL BETWEEN HEAVEN AND EARTH? We often think of heaven as some ethereal place far far away. But while modern science is beginning to discover the possibilities of multiples dimensions at places like CERN, Bible scholars like Douglas Hamp are rediscovering what the Bible teaches about heaven to be a place just [...]

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CCR 044: The Prophecy Forum

WHAT DID GONZ TALK ABOUT AT THE PROPHECY FORUM? Does the mark of the beast and the image of the beast have anything to do with rapidly emerging technologies? What about the very realistic prospect that we are entering a time when the question of what it means to be human will be challenged, manipulated, [...]

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CCR006: Doug Hamp Interview for Corrupting the Image

OUR DNA IS A TARGET FOR THE FALLEN ONE! A great conversation with author, researcher, and Bible scholar Douglas Hamp. His latest book Corrupting the Image: Angels, Aliens, and the AntiChrist Revealed is a fresh look at Biblical prophecy. We dig into the various aspects of his book including the biology of Adam, Jesus, and [...]

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