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CCR 048: Douglas Hamp and the Veil Between Heaven and Earth

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CCR 048: Douglas Hamp and the Veil Between Heaven and Earth


WHAT IS THE VEIL BETWEEN HEAVEN AND EARTH? We often think of heaven as some ethereal place far far away. But while modern science is beginning to discover the possibilities of multiples dimensions at places like CERN, Bible scholars like Douglas Hamp are rediscovering what the Bible teaches about heaven to be a place just beyond the veil of our three dimensional world. Douglas Hamp is a graduate of Hebrew University of Jerusalem with an M.A. in the Hebrew Bible with specialization in ancient languages including Biblical Hebrew and Koine Greek. He is currently working on a fictional book looking at the Millennium reign of Jesus on earth. In our conversation, Doug brings to light the many descriptive matters in the Bible like fire and the veil that have become “theologized” by modern day Christian institutions.

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The Veil Between Heaven and Earth