FLYBY: Basil Saw Noah

basil saw noah flybyYOU ARE probably sick and tired of people talking about the recent blockbuster film Noah starring Russell Crowe. So, Basil and Gonz decided to dedicate an entire FLYBY about it. After seeing the film, Basil reflects on his thoughts about how Noah, the flood, the ark, and even the Watchers were presented. Gonz on the other hand did not see the film, but keeping up with his social media was able to speak into some of the elements that caused an uproar amongst the Christian community. The position that both Basil and Gonz take on the film may not be as popular as some other outspoken pastors and leaders in the alternative Christian community, but it may serve as a refreshing perspective and an example of how to handle both expectations and understanding of anything that is created and promoted by Hollywood. They also discuss the Gnostic and Kabbalistic influence that seems to have been a huge part of the cosmology and even the theology of the film. Cloaked in a story made popular by the Bible, it’s no surprise that Hollywood would be steeped in promoting the mystery religions.


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  1. Norm the Robot

    Sounds like a movie that is worth seeing considering what we are into. It is like if you are a Karate geek and you will go out and see every single maartial arts movie that comes out, even the really stupid ones because you know what is really going on when you watch them. It is fun to pick apart the fight choreography and critique every move in your head as you watch. I wonder if the success of this movie will spur any studio interest in Brian Godawa’s material. Noah the GIANT SLAYER would make a great movie!

  2. Gonz,

    I heard what you said about Humanism, or more specifically, Christian Humanism. I don’t know if you’ve heard, but the best sermon ever preached on this was by Paris Reidhead in a sermon preached in 1980 called “Ten Shekels and a Shirt”.

    Personally, I think it is the end-time deception, since it is so close to the genuine, that most Christians, even the ones who have looked into Humanism, have a hard time separating the genuine Gospel from the Gospel that has been infected by Humanism.

    If you take Humanism seriously, Reidhead’s sermon is a great contribution to the subject. It remains the number 1 downloaded sermon at

  3. William

    Like you, I went into the local Imax theater being fairly informed and was only looking for entertainment and something that might pique my curiosity. Aside from all the subtle and not so subtle hints at environmentalism, I was struck by Noahs consternation at the end of the film. It was as if he felt like he was some kind of failure after the ark landed while sitting alone, drunk, on a beach. Perhaps Noah had a crisis of confidence after he finished the task of following Gods plan. I dunno…but that part of the film, I will say, was what made me think and interested me….The majority of the film was just Hollywood hogwash and I wouldn’t recommend anyone to see it.
    This was a great and funny Fly By, by the way !!
    It’s GREAT to hear you guys banter back and forth about relevant topics and share a laugh or two 😀

  4. My husband, son & I went to see Noah the weekend it came out. We are all SciFi nuts, (and ChriFi even more-so!)

    We talked about the movie from the moment we left the theater until we got home. Then, we got the Bible out & read the story of Noah again. My 18 year old son had this to say…

    “I’ve always wondered about the story of Noah. First of all, if Noah was ‘perfect & without sin’, then why did Jesus have to die on the cross? Noah would have qualified as the Savior. And second, the only explanation for God wiping out the world that makes sense, is that our DNA was infected with a virus, aka Nephilim & the only way to save His creation was to reboot & start over.”

    I can only imagine how many thoughtful conversations are being sparked because this movie. Even if there’s an evil agenda – our Father will use it for good! Folks who are filled with fear or condemnation over the movie may want to read: Romans 8:1 & 1 John 4:18.

    One last thing – I’m surprised you didn’t mention this one Basil,,,
    if there was a Luciferian agenda, it sure wasn’t hidden. The storyline began with Lamech about to bless his son Noah – and it ended with Noah blessing his granddaughters. Why on earth they chose to wrap their arms with the glowing, shed skin of the snake that deceived Eve & ultimately caused the fall of man made both of my eyebrows go up! Passed down from Adam to Lamech – stolen by Tubal-Cain and recovered by Noah. What were they really trying to tell us?? Strange days indeed.

    And there’s my two cents!
    Shalom Boys!

  5. In brief…
    – not the small straw gods of the atheists
    – nor the false gods of the gnostics
    – nor the detached gods of the humanists
    – nor the odd gods (or at odds gods) of the zoroastrians
    – nor the gods of entertainment
    – none of these other gods
    – nor other gospels are…

    The Almighty, Creator and Redeemer
    – The Word of God — made flesh
    – The Son of God — One with The Father
    – Who’s great pleasure is New Jerusalem

    Christ is our Ark and we His vessel.
    – saved and soon carried into
    – the new heavens and new earth
    – as the first heavens and earth pass away

    And those not carried in Christ
    – (His seed remains in Him)
    – are cast out into the Lake of Fire
    – along with their kind that can not save

    The good news is that Jesus Saves.
    The bad news is that most turn away.

      1. great article!! “enlightening!” 🙂

  6. Michael Sean

    I haven;’t seen Noah, so I can;t really comment on that particular film, but I do know Darren Aronofsky’s back catalogue well enough to know that his films are an exploration of the Kabbalistic world view. Pi, The Fountain, and even Black Swan all have occult/ Kabbalistic overtones.

    I would suspect that his world view is far from humanist, and in fact he has a supernatural world view. He won’t admit this however, not while promoting a movie on Noah. It’s not how they work.

  7. Great info. Lucky me I found your site by chance (stumbleupon). I have saved it for later!

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