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FLYBY: Basil Saw Noah

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FLYBY: Basil Saw Noah

basil saw noah flybyYOU ARE probably sick and tired of people talking about the recent blockbuster film Noah starring Russell Crowe. So, Basil and Gonz decided to dedicate an entire FLYBY about it. After seeing the film, Basil reflects on his thoughts about how Noah, the flood, the ark, and even the Watchers were presented. Gonz on the other hand did not see the film, but keeping up with his social media was able to speak into some of the elements that caused an uproar amongst the Christian community. The position that both Basil and Gonz take on the film may not be as popular as some other outspoken pastors and leaders in the alternative Christian community, but it may serve as a refreshing perspective and an example of how to handle both expectations and understanding of anything that is created and promoted by Hollywood. They also discuss the Gnostic and Kabbalistic influence that seems to have been a huge part of the cosmology and even the theology of the film. Cloaked in a story made popular by the Bible, it’s no surprise that Hollywood would be steeped in promoting the mystery religions.


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