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CCR 075: Stan Deyo’s Eden

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CCR 075: Stan Deyo’s Eden


THE GARDEN OF EDEN is perhaps the most important location for the history of mankind. If the Bible is true, then it is the place where humanity began, sparked by the intervention of the Creator who breathed life into a soulless pile of dirt. Dismissed as mythology, and old fairy tales from the Ancient Near East, the mere existence of such a garden has been questioned by believers and skeptics alike. But the quest for the location of the Garden of Eden has not been lost to history. From John Calvin, to Isaac Newton, to modern day scholars, all have had their crack at discovering the location of this supernatural abode. There are many who have claimed the discovery of the Garden of Eden, and the locations vary quite significantly. Some have touted Australia, Israel, and Canada as the possible location, while others have even presented a theory that it is in Jackson County, Missouri!

What many of these men failed to consider, or were unable to incorporate into their search, are modern day understandings of geology, earth science, and modern technology to accompany the measurements of the field. But for one man, this was not the case. Stan Deyo, a man labelled the “real Indiana Jones” claims he has discovered the location of the Garden of Eden. Stan Deyo’s Eden is not only grounded in good scientific evidence, but also on grounds of Scripture. With an understanding of plate tectonics, hydro-plate theory and and other modern applicative sciences, the argument and evidence of Stan Deyo’s Eden will not be easily refuted. In this episode, Basil and Gonz welcome back Stan Deyo, who returns to discuss his quest for the discovery of the Garden of Eden, where he thinks it is, and why he thinks this discovery is significant.

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