Garden of Eden

CCR 116: Satan’s Psyop with Derek Gilbert

IF YOU ARE A FOLLOWER OF CHRIST, AND YOU BELIEVE THAT THE DEVIL AND HIS MINIONS ARE REAL, YOU ARE IN THE MINORITY. It’s a sad but true state of the modern church; many who profess that they are followers of Jesus Christ do not believe His worldview, or His words. One of the most [...]

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CCR 082: Zen Garcia and Fallen Angels

THE JIGSAW PUZZLE OF TRUTH is often a messy, confusing, and uncomfortable landscape of information, containing a myriad of rabbit trails, esoteric text, and occult knowledge. Some of these truth nuggets that relate to the Holy Scriptures contained in what we call the Bible, are often met with skepticism, criticism, and rejection from the established orthodox of the institutionalized [...]

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CCR 075: Stan Deyo’s Eden

THE GARDEN OF EDEN is perhaps the most important location for the history of mankind. If the Bible is true, then it is the place where humanity began, sparked by the intervention of the Creator who breathed life into a soulless pile of dirt. Dismissed as mythology, and old fairy tales from the Ancient Near [...]

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