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CCR 078: Transformative Events with Carl Teichrib

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CCR 078: Transformative Events with Carl Teichrib


WHAT IS THE CULTURE OF THE NEW WORLD ORDER? It is┬áthe concept that “All is one, and one is all.” In essence it is the philosophical ideology of “monism.” In other words, there is a fundamental substance or source by which all of reality is built on and defined on. The ideology flies in the face of Christianity, which states that there is a very strong distinction between Creator and the creation. While the idea of creation itself having a universal substance, or “source” by which all reality is constructed is not denied, this substance is also not defined as God. The cultural appeal to such an ideology stems from various rudimentary philosophies that emerge from eastern religions, to the ideologies held by secret societies throughout the centuries. Today, the culture of oneness has been revitalized with youthful vibrance and energy, blindly adhering to the pagan roots which reflects the natural tendency for man to rebel against God. They have been expressed in recent decades in what is known as TRANSFORMATIVE EVENTS.

From Burning Man, to Tomorrowland, Transformative Events and Festivals are sweeping across the globe. But what are to do as Christians with such events? What is the true spirit and ideology behind the idea of oneness? How does it tie into the New World Order, Globalism, and the coming One World Society that has been the occult dream and the ancient hope for centuries? There is one man who can help us understand this and his name is Carl Teichrib. In this episode, Basil and Gonz discuss these Transformative Events with Carl. In the process, they travel to various connecting elements such as art, psychedelic drugs, and transhumanism.

Carl is a returning guest from back in 2012, when he spoke about the Globalist Agenda on Episode 32. Carl is the chief editor of Forcing Change where he has been tracking Globalism for over two decades. His strong conviction of Christianity has never been compromised during his years of research, both on paper, and on the ground, of Globalism.


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