CCR 126: TruNews Crashes Davos! w/ Rick Wiles

WHERE IS SATAN TAKING HUMANITY? It doesn’t take much to see, learn, and hear what the enemies of humanity are planning. While many theorize a massive hidden conspiracy, the reality is that such plans are very public. One example is the annual World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. This is an event where the kings, [...]

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CCR 104: Trilateral Technocrats with Patrick Wood

WHO IS REALLY IN CONTROL OF THE GLOBAL INSTITUTIONS? According to seasoned researcher and author Patrick Wood, it is the Trilateral Commission. Created in 1973 by private citizens of Japan, members of the European Union, and North America, the Trilateral Commission set out to establish standards for industrialization and globalization by suggesting cooperation and integration [...]

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CCR 078: Transformative Events with Carl Teichrib

WHAT IS THE CULTURE OF THE NEW WORLD ORDER? It is┬áthe concept that “All is one, and one is all.” In essence it is the philosophical ideology of “monism.” In other words, there is a fundamental substance or source by which all of reality is built on and defined on. The ideology flies in the [...]

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