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CCR 082: Zen Garcia and Fallen Angels

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CCR 082: Zen Garcia and Fallen Angels


THE JIGSAW PUZZLE OF TRUTH is often a messy, confusing, and uncomfortable landscape of information, containing a myriad of rabbit trails, esoteric text, and occult knowledge. Some of these truth nuggets that relate to the Holy Scriptures contained in what we call the Bible, are often met with skepticism, criticism, and rejection from the established orthodox of the institutionalized religious strongholds. Yet, one must decide whether or not to pursue these areas of inquiry, with the willingness of letting the evidence provide the necessary components to shape one’s view of reality. That is exactly what Zen Garcia has done in his research. After a life changing accident that left him paralyzed, brother Zen pursued the esoteric rabbit trails and sought truth in areas seldom explored. His findings have been met with rejection from many fellow Christians, who, although had good reason to question some of his interpretations, nevertheless treated Zen with less than Biblical standards. In this discussion, Basil and Gonz discuss some of Zen’s findings. Topics include the “serpent seed” theory, where it is believed that Cain is not the firstborn of Adam, but rather the son of Satan after an unholy union between the fallen angel and Eve. Zen discusses why he believes this doctrine to be an accurate depiction of the identity of Cain, and why he believes that this unholy bloodline are still on the earth today in the form of the elite, often referred to as the New World Order. They also discuss the topic of a pre-adamic race and the possibility that there were beings who roamed the solar system well before the creation of Adam and Eve in the garden. While such topics are highly debated within those who investigate the issue, and while Basil and Gonz don’t necessarily agree with all of the findings presented by Zen, this episode is the perfect example of the Canary Cry Radio Creed, which is to always…Think Outside The Cage.


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