CCR 084: The Vigilant Christian


THE WORD VIGILANT is defined as being “alertly watchful, especially to avoid danger.“  And in a world that has literally become Alice Bailey’s “externalization of the hierarchy,” we see pretty clearly that the Illuminati, the new world order, and the entertainment industry, all have become “of one mind.” While most Christians blindly infuse themselves into the beast systems of the world, there are some of us who have been called out, to serve the body of Christ, and expose the lies that have become the bedrock of our culture. Our guest today is an example of one of those folks, called out to be a watchman. With nearly 150,000 subscribers, almost 24 million views, and quickly approaching 900 videos posted on his YouTube channel, we would like to welcome Mario, a.k.a. The Vigilant Christian to Canary Cry Radio. Basil missed out on this episode, but Gonz and Mario (The Vigilant Christian) had a great discussion talking about everything from Mario’s amazing story of coming out of the New Age movement, channeling spirits and being in contact with fallen angels, to his view of the Illuminati and it’s infiltration of the Entertainment Industry. Mario’s ministry is found entirely on YouTube and has become one of the best at exposing the lies of the enemy today.


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  1. Nathan

    Another great interview, and honestly after the interview I caught up on Mario and I used to think that Mario was really annoying and his vid’s were like “really?! calm down.”, but after hearing his testimony and where he comes from it puts everything into perspective, and it’s very interesting that he really does have first hand experience in the things he exposes/points out in his videos. Re-subscribed for sure.

  2. jamie dillon

    Jesus said there will be a great harvest and a great apostasy, the gospel will go in to the entire world. Light will grow and darkness will grow until there is a final battle, there is not just a great apostasy coming, there will also be a great revival and harvest at the end. Matthew 24:And this gospel of the kingdom will be proclaimed throughout the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come. Matthew 24:14

    1. Moritz Aaron

      The thing is, Matthew 24 doesn’t say that the Gospel will explode. Many people are saying that the Gospel has been preached to all nations up to this day. So the places are in place, or almost in place.
      This is how I understand it.

      1. Jamie dillon

        There are still many unreached places with the gospel, and some think as many 2 billion people havent heard. We arent there yet,

      2. Jamie dillon

        If it has to go to the ends of the earth, then that would be an explosion, there are still many unreached placed with the gospel, some say as many as 2 billion havent heard

  3. Anna

    Excellent podcast. I agree that though there is an end times harvest it is not clear that this will be immediately preceded by another Great Awakening type revival. However apostasy and falling away and a deception so great that it will deceive if possible even the elect is clearly stated in Scripture.

  4. Paul

    Haven’t listened to the latest show yet: I’ve just been watching this, but as you can see, the “Gonz” on it is a fake Gonz. He doesn’t look like the real Gonz at all.

    I’ve been listening to Canary Cry for nearly two years now, so I know what Gonz looks like from his voice: he sounds — and therefore looks — a little bit like this, a bit more like this, but mostly he sounds/looks almost exactly like this.

    Anyway, I’ve notified the Orange County P.D. about the impostor: hopefully they’ll arrest him and be able to tickle/taser out of him what he’s done with True Gonz.

  5. Michael Jones

    His testimony is word for word the same as mine, minus the tarrot readings.

    Insanity. Well, my experience, for those who have heard the Iron show episode with me on, is that of seeing UFO’s. Being propelled into the new age, having various encounters with ‘spirit like entities’ and astral projection. As well as some other strange stuff.

    Stay AWAY from the new age it’s addictive and serves only one purpose – to remove your protection in Christ and to have you exposed and on your own as your own saviour. It’s incredibly debilitating and eventually leads to psychological and spiritual ruin. You have been warned internet.

  6. Moritz Aaron

    Amazing interview, FaceLikeTheSun, and other guy (sorry I’m NEW!!!!) and Mario.
    This place seems sweet.

  7. Moritz Aaron

    Basil and Gonz, you’re both hilarious.

  8. Thanks for having Mario (The Vigilant Christian). I have been enjoying his Youtube series and glad that he has shown the perspective of illuminati and conspiracy theories from the perspective of a Christian.I hope to check out your other shows as well as future ones. I hope you will check out mine “Truth Be Told Radio.” Thank you> 🙂

  9. Kathy

    I have found some Christian sites that are earnestly acting as watchmen, but they seem to put more value on extrabiblical sources than on the Word of God. It seems to me that we believers have to be so careful to discern the spirits and separate from that which is not from Lord Jesus. The deception that existed in the Garden is still being used to lure people away from obedience to the Lord. I think understanding this is part of working out our salvation with fear and trembling. Even though I am over 60 years of age, I appreciate this site and that of Mario. One is never too old to learn more truth. Thanks, guys!

  10. peter

    what is your general view here re the rapture?

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