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CCR 084: The Vigilant Christian

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CCR 084: The Vigilant Christian


THE WORD VIGILANT is defined as being “alertly watchful, especially to avoid danger.“  And in a world that has literally become Alice Bailey’s “externalization of the hierarchy,” we see pretty clearly that the Illuminati, the new world order, and the entertainment industry, all have become “of one mind.” While most Christians blindly infuse themselves into the beast systems of the world, there are some of us who have been called out, to serve the body of Christ, and expose the lies that have become the bedrock of our culture. Our guest today is an example of one of those folks, called out to be a watchman. With nearly 150,000 subscribers, almost 24 million views, and quickly approaching 900 videos posted on his YouTube channel, we would like to welcome Mario, a.k.a. The Vigilant Christian to Canary Cry Radio. Basil missed out on this episode, but Gonz and Mario (The Vigilant Christian) had a great discussion talking about everything from Mario’s amazing story of coming out of the New Age movement, channeling spirits and being in contact with fallen angels, to his view of the Illuminati and it’s infiltration of the Entertainment Industry. Mario’s ministry is found entirely on YouTube and has become one of the best at exposing the lies of the enemy today.


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