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CCR 116: Satan’s Psyop with Derek Gilbert

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CCR 116: Satan’s Psyop with Derek Gilbert

IF YOU ARE A FOLLOWER OF CHRIST, AND YOU BELIEVE THAT THE DEVIL AND HIS MINIONS ARE REAL, YOU ARE IN THE MINORITY. It’s a sad but true state of the modern church; many who profess that they are followers of Jesus Christ do not believe His worldview, or His words. One of the most problematic of these omissions of worldview, is that of demonic forces and intelligent agents of evil. These ancient entities are the very adversaries found throughout the Bible, especially the narrative of the Old Testament. Without this context, many of the things Jesus did in the New Testament seem like disjoined and unrelated. But the fact is, Jesus believed in these evil forces and their power to deceive humanity, especially in the end times. As we sit in a world undergoing massive change and the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the days of Noah are once again here. And the church needs to wake up to these realities. But it’s not always easy to speak to fellow brothers and sisters about these important and vital topics. That is why Derek Gilbert wrote the book The Great Inception: Satan’s Psyop from Eden to Armageddon. Building on the information and research provided by linguistic scholar Dr. Mike Heiser, Derek brings the information down to easily consumable chunks of data. For those who are interested, the book will walk you through the logic and Scriptures where these truths are found in the Word of God.

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