CCR 120: Vlogger to Truther w/ Really Graceful

THE PATH TO TRUTH IS UNIQUE FOR EVERYONE. For some folks, it’s a matter of seeing a documentary film about 9/11. For others, it’s reading a book or magazine article that plants a seed of curiosity. And still for others, it’s a life experience that sparks a quest to find answers. For YouTuber Really Graceful, it was all of the above. Most YouTubers in the truth space start their channels with the intent to become “Truthers” online, but that wasn’t the case for Really Graceful. She was your typical vlogger, discussing nail polish and totally inappropriate books. After taking a three year hiatus from vlogging, she came back to her channel with a renewed outlook on the world. But instead of starting a new channel, or deleting the old videos, Really Graceful decided to keep everything posted from her days of being a typical vlogger. Her decision to leave everything up allows the Really Graceful channel to be more than just a truth channel, but an online journal. A glimpse into how someone’s worldview can change so dramatically.

On this episode, we speak to Really Graceful about how she got to where she is now, as well as something called #elsagate. Ever leave your child with an iPad or some other tablet and YouTube? Beware! Your kids might be clicking on what they think is an innocent video about their favorite Disney characters, but in reality, they are adult content not suited for innocent eyes. The phenomenon has caused many to question how these folks are not only getting away with copyright issues, which YouTube is so stringent on, as well as being allowed to get their videos in front of so many millions of children. We cover these things and more on this episode of Canary Cry Radio!



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  1. joseph

    Just to add to the ELSA stuff. I just saw a commercial on youtube between the videos I was watching. It was for some kind of Pokemon like game. In the opening lines the human girl calls out to her animated hero “Come on succubus, we have to go….blah blah blah”
    As you know, Succubus is a demon name that has sex with humans… specifically men. So you know little boys hear that name, look it up, and horny ignorant kids get turned on to the idea. its messed up

  2. Víctor del Castillo

    My problem with all of this is, where do “poetry” stop? With that mindset we can flip the holy Bible upside down and give it the meaning we want.

  3. This is an awesome and eye opening transmission! You guys are always the perfect blend of information and brotherly goodness mixed with extra doses of joy and humorifficness!

  4. RFB

    Ok first is was frost now its another “youtuber” that popped up and chased the pizzagate diversionary psy-op WTF is going on? what happened to having REAL people on??

    1. Dave Gitin

      Richie, i follow ALL of your channels and decided today to check on “grace” as she has great info. Byou are my go to channel but she’s in my top 5, along with corbett. Ironically, scrolling through the comments , i saw you here. Is this BS?

  5. Hey 👋
    I really liked this episode. Getting to know Grace a bit and then just diving into all this great discussion was on point. All three of you brought so much to the table and it was all along the same vein yet each of your wisdom and knowledge was diverse enough that I didn’t feel as though you were all basically repeating the same thing. Very well rounded. Both you guys (Basil & Gonz) have grown SO much since you first started. I have been a long time listener, like right from the inception of it all, and I gotta say I am proud of the work you are doing. I am proud of the work we are all doing collectively as a body, as THE body and I am looking forward to the way Yahweh is going to bring it all together. I’d love to go into a deeper conversation about building safe self sustainable communities NOW, not just educating our children about it but living it out right now so they grow up IN it. It’s totally possible and doable and in fact, it’s necessary. As more and more of us begin to opt out of this alt left/alt right system they’ve created for us, we need somewhere to go. I’m gonna stop here. But you get my drift! Times are changing and the’re changing real soon!
    Be Blessed BOLD & Brave.
    Much love.


  7. Rey Hudson

    I find it strange that assanges mother’s being single and having been part of a religious group (“family” or whatever…. there are actually TWO groups called the family, BOTH maligned by CNN st al. ) should have ANYTHING to do with his truthfulness or sincerity.

    BTW his great “rape” exploit was, in fact ONE broken rubber and ONE lack of one. (Illegal in Sweden! ) The girls involved didn’t even WANT to press charges (why ELSE were they “dropped”.
    Please do your homework and research an item BEFORE taking a stance.

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