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CCR 126: TruNews Crashes Davos! w/ Rick Wiles

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CCR 126: TruNews Crashes Davos! w/ Rick Wiles

WHERE IS SATAN TAKING HUMANITY? It doesn’t take much to see, learn, and hear what the enemies of humanity are planning. While many theorize a massive hidden conspiracy, the reality is that such plans are very public. One example is the annual World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. This is an event where the kings, presidents, billionaire tech moguls and other “important” people gather to discuss the direction of the world at large, and its economy. Along with political pandering to “globalism,” the topic of AI and emerging tech were very present. Christian news agencies around the world have had little to no “in person” coverage of such events, as they aren’t normally invited by the ultra elite and their banker buddies. But never doubt the power of God and His ability to move in particular situations. In this episode, we talk to Rick Wiles of TruNews. Under circumstances that can only be defined as “divine appointment,” Rick and his team were recently invited by President Trump himself, to be guests at the 2018 World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. Hence the headline is correct when it states, “TruNews Crashes Davos!” While there, the team got to experience what these elite meetings are like, first hand…at least the public ones. In this episode, Rick shares his experience from standing next to the President of the Nation State of Israel, to “hissing” reporters!

Many Christians around the world, especially ones in America, are woefully unaware of the impending technological breakthroughs that are about to radically shake up our civilization. Every Christian who studies the Bible ought to at least consider the likelihood, that this technological revolution is rooted deeply in Biblical Prophecy. That is to suggest, that we are at a point in the technological development of our civilization, for events prophesied in the Bible, such as the Mark and Image of the beast, are now tangible. The more we realize this truth, the more pressing it will become to share the truth of the Gospel through these various emerging avenues of communication, with the explicit warning of what it’s all headed towards. The “canary in the coal mine” analogy, couldn’t be more apropos as we approach the final generation to proclaim the Gospel!