HOW TO FREE THE INTERNET! Interview w/ Brad Kam, Unstoppable Domains – 152

This episode was recorded on May 5, 2020. You can watch the livestream of the episode here:

In this episode, we interview Brad from Unstoppable Domains to discuss how he is working towards “freeing the Internet.” Unstoppable Domains is a company that is offering decentralized blockchain domain names with a .zil or .crypto extension to create not only the ability to accept Cryptocurrencies to readable addresses, but also to have censorship resistant websites! But there are many skeptics and questions regarding this project, and we plan to cover some of these issues with Brad in this discussion. Thanks for joining us on YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, Dlive, and Periscope/Twitter! #podcast #freedom #Internet

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  1. Really great episode and very informative. Keep up the good work and whatever you do DONT GET ON ANY LUXERY CRUISE SHIPS!!!

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